Saturday, June 23, 2007

Concept of Zero (static) Time

Invading Frames: Concept of Static Time

First of all let me make you clear that there is no thing as timeline. Means your future as well as past is present at the same time. Time is static. It is just the frame of reference wrt to which we say a particular state as future or past.Say, there is an object X and another object Y.So wrt to Y , X may be past and for X ,Y may be the future or vice versa. But both X and Y is present at the same time. We need to start understanding the things relatively. So our past, present and future are present at the same time. So, again I emphasize that Time is Static.

Past wrt 2007, x2006
Present wrt 2007.
Future wrt 2007,

So, Past ,Present and Future are present all at the same time.So what we look with relative to 2007 ,X20006 is past and X2008 is future. Similarly, id we try to look the things wrt X2008 then X2007 will be the past. Same way if we try to look the things wrt X2006 then X2007 will be the future. So, at the same time X2007 can be present, past and future. But what exactly segregates them means what exactly the difference between three stages i.e. X2006, X2007 and X20008.I believe that you too agree that there are basically two things which forms a state .
1. Mass
2. Energy: Associates with the Mass.

The varying combinations of these two can form thousands of states.
For Example:
X2006 is a mix of: M2006 and E2006
X2007 is a mix of: M2007 and E2007
X2008 is a mix of: M2008 and E2008

So, all the time frames are present at a time .Further what we redefine the time as “Presence of discrete “Mass and Energy” states”.
One thing to note here is "Visibility". The ability of see the things .Only those object which have similar attributes like mix of same Mass and Energy can see each other. It means that at a particular frame like state X2006, the members of that state will have similar profiles i.e. same mass and energy.So,it also support and denies the fact that one can ever see the future or past. But still some facts confirm that there are certain people that can see n predict the future. It is true and can be proved scientifically. I will come to it later. Before that let we understand the concept of bandwidth.

Bandwidth: (Evolution of Life as we say)

Again let me clear you that there is no thing such as Evolution of Life. It is a particular state that is also present. Yes, wrt to X2007 it is a thing of past. Now I feel you will be slightly started understanding my theory.
We all know that monkeys were our ancestors and don’t know what shape we take in the future. And initially we were a Single cell being like amoeba or likes. It is true, now try to understand this evolution and end of life with the Theory of Bandwidth.



I have plotted different timelines (using time for better understanding) as X 9000BC to X 10000. So like that there will be millions of timelines. Like X2001, X2002, X2003 etc.As discussed earlier each timeline has got a specific “Mass and Energy”.Futher we see a Red strip. It is spread through certain Timelines. It means that the beings covering under that strip shows the same physical attributes. This strip we name a “Virtual Time Bandwidth (VTB)” .This VTB may be spread over 1000 years or so. It means that under this VTB of 100 years the beings will show similar attributes. We were monkey earlier .It may be shown with Orange VTB. And what we will be in the future same way there will be VTB as shown by Blue strip. So it basically predicts or tells that a particular mass and energy mix, will take what form! With this we can justify the theory of evolution of Man from one cell to multi cell and what it will be in the future.
So for Red VBT: (example)
Mass Range: M (n) –M (n+m)
Energy Range: E(n) – E (n+m)

Try to relate it with an atom. It has got many orbits. Each orbit has got some energy levels. and one energy level is different to other.

Have you ever heard about the Aliens, Ghosts etc. which we are not able to see; yes sometime some people have felt it. Due to unavailability of any scientific analysis for this we name it a whim. But I always say that whatever you think even in the sleep of your mind that is possible, the only thing is we are not able to see it in present frame of reference. Let me clear it with one example. If you know a little bit of physics.Visbile light .The waves with a particular wavelength we can see a light, but if we further segregate the wavelengths we see different colors. So red color has a particular wavelength as it holds true for other colors. It is a natural phenomena that we can see only particular wavelengths from our eyes and there is no scientific justification available that why our visibility is limited to a range as of now. There are other wavelengths also like infrared etc to which we can only feel if we are sensitive enough. The same is with these occult bodies to which we can’t see but time and again we can feel them.

Actually they are constituted of different energy levels. Which our energy level bodies can’t see but can sense sometimes.

Let me explain you with a diagram:-
Specie Y

ME Index (MEI)

Now you agree
WE can see that there is a particular mix of “energy and mass” is allotted to us. The ghosts have a different Mix of “Mass and Energy”. Both have different ranges.
Here we need to develop a term as “ME Index”(MEI) .ME Index will tell you that what are the ranges for us and what for ghosts. For ease the above graph that we have plotted we can scale it on ME Index.
So say ours MEI Range is: MEI (n) – MEI (n+m)
Ghosts MEI Range is : MEI(x) - MEI(x+y)

It may be very much possible that a Human being after death changes its MEI and become a ghost.
Like ghosts there may be other similar beings may be living within their ME Indexes.

Let’s Talk about Universe:
We know that in our solar system there is a Sun which emits energy and there are some 8 planets which revolve around it. All these we are able to see. It is clear that all these are bodies of some Mass and energy. Like Pluto has some Mass and Energy. We are able to see Pluto because it concedes with our MEI range. One thing to note here that at a particular frame of reference we can only see things that concede with unique MEI in that reference. Coming back, we see Pluto because it has same MEI as ours in a particular frame. But we can’t see the life there. There may be life but the MEI of that Species on Pluto may not be matching with ours. Like we are unable to see the ghosts due to difference in MEI.

Invisible Planets:

We know about 8 planets in our Solar System but there may be planets which don’t come under our MEI range. So we can’t see those planets.

Is the Invisible Man possible?

Yes, if you trust in my theory than it is very much possible. A body with a different MEI. Try working on different permutation and combination, may be a day you may land up with this invention.

How do people make predictions?

You might have seen some people who can predict the future. Who see occult things!
It happens with those who have done gone through a lot of meditations and prayers. I would like to quote the example of great Nostradamus who has predicted the future long time back. How he had done this. Do we have some scientific answer for this? But believe me I can give an answer fully scientific one. You need to just change your way of thinking.

Actually what happens every thing is related to MEI .A mix of Mass and Energy.And we can see only those things which have same MEI as ours for a particular frame. But think if one can change his MEI at this reference itself by contact meditations and prayers the his MEI will match will other frame’s MEI and he will be able to see that frame which may be a future or past (as we say).But at that time he will be completely cut himself from the outer world or current frame.Infact logically speaking he can’t see the current frame as temporarily his MEI has changed and he is making predictions.
But physically you can’t go there. Even change your MEI and talk to persons of other species like ghosts and all.

Here the big thing is to ascertain the MEI index its limits. It requires a lot of mathematical analysis. The day we are able to know the MEIs .We are through!
And I have another prediction that this will be the final Frame of the mankind. Because if you know all the things the you are the GOD.GOD is unseen, they are made for us to follow .If we become GOD then who will follow us. Everyone will be a GOD. Please take all these things with this frame of reference.
Here one thing to note is that GOD is the one who can see all the MEIs equal and lesser than HIS. It may be assumed that one can see the MEIs equal and lesser (up to a certain range) than it. Needs to be studied upon!