Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Health insurers want you to keep smoking, Harvard doctors say!

Health and life insurance companies in the U.S. and abroad have nearly $4.5 billion invested in tobacco stocks, according to Harvard doctors.“It’s the combined taxidermist and veterinarian approach: either way you get your dog back,” says David Himmelstein, an internist at the Harvard Medical School and co-author of a letter published in this week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.The largest tobacco investor on the list, the 160-year old Prudential company with branches in the U.S. and the U.K., has more than $1.5 billion invested in tobacco stocks. The runner-up was Toronto-based Sun Life Financial, which apparently holds over $1 billion in Philip Morris (Altria) and other tobacco stocks. In total, seven companies that sell life, health, disability, or long-term care insurance, have major holdings in tobacco stock.Why is it a big deal? “If you own a billion dollars [of tobacco stock], then you don’t want to see it go down,” says Himmelstein, “You are less likely to join anti-tobacco coalitions, endorse anti-tobacco legislation, basically, anything most health companies would want to participate in.”The letter is the third report that the doctors—who all support a national health care program—have published in the last 14 years.
We decided to check in with some of the insurance companies mentioned in the letter to learn more about their policies with respect to tobacco stock. Prudential was unable to respond by press time. Sun Life, however, flatly denied the charges.“Sun Life does not carry significant holdings in tobacco stocks,” says representative Steve Kee, “We do not disclose specific holdings and, for good measure, we conducted a review further to your inquiry and our exposure to ‘tobacco’ stocks is less than 0.005 percent [about $5 million] of the investment portfolio. Importantly, tobacco-related businesses can be part of a broader conglomerate involving other aspects such as food production.”Himmelstein rechecked his numbers in the Osiris database, and said, “I fear that if Sun Life has a dispute, it is with Osiris not with us.”In any event, the doctors’ persistence over the years seems to be working to some extent. They targeted MetLife and Cigna in their 1995 and 2000 letters to medical journals, but neither is listed in the latest reckoning, indicating that the insurers no longer hold enough to stock to be noted on filings for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, a representative for Cigna says they currently have no direct holdings in tobacco stock unless it is part of an index fund.
But with $4.5 billion still invested in Big Tobacco, many insurers are reaping profits from a cancer-causing industry. As Himmelstein puts it, "Is this who we want running our health care system?"


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cost n Convenience? Make home shifting a fun.....

Think one Mr. John working as a Financial Consultant in the state of Otah and gets transferred to Newyork to take higher responsibilities at a higher profile.
There are lots of things that he has to do at the professional level to approve him as the best man for the job at the New Place. He need to focus on certain important parameters related to his work to have a command on his new profile. Unfortunately He has got only 1 week's time to make a shift.
Now see there are a heel lot of things to be done to transfer himself professionally but also personally which includes his family,his possessions, his liabilities and much more. Given the fact the Mr. Joan incidentally is not so perfect in the art of shifting his home as like other individuals.
He has lots of pre-works to be dont which looks so small but its a pretty hectic thing when faced. Like Moving in Meter Readings, TV Licence Transfers Etc. Seems small but a big deal and consumes a lot of time.
Then one of his friend Smith suggested him to visit
First Mr. John thought its a vague idea to explore such site as it would be further waste of time.
Anyways smith persisted and later Mrs. John's wife he finally opened the Google Chrome Window sipping a cup of tea during his normal course of googling.
The front of the website was so attractive that he kept staring it for 5 minutes initially. He thanked to Smith for giving him a clue from inside.
He just put rest other website windows on idle and just start exploring
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Its a smart move for a smart professional like Mr. John.
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Happy Shifting..
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(Mr. John is a fictional character used)