Saturday, April 12, 2008

MS-EXCEL TIP(conditional change of "color")

Conditional Formatting
Conditional formatting permits the user to apply special formatting settings that take
effect when the contents of the cell meet specified conditions. For instance, if there is a
loss under a particular head, you intend to colour it red so that it immediately catches
your attention. Similarly, you may like to colour your balance sheet totals to blue if they
do not tally. One very practical tip is to combine the ISERROR function with the
Conditional Formatting feature to hide errors. What is effectively done is that the font
and the background is set to the same color if the cell contains an error.
􀂾 Select the range of cells for which the formatting is desired
􀂾 Choose Format -> Conditional Formatting
􀂾 Allows different forms of formatting based on the cell contents
􀂾 Maximum of 3 different conditions can be specified
􀂾 To suppress errors, choose Formula is =ISERROR() and then choose same colour
font as the background colour

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two-Dimensional Problems..

"Most problems in the world are of "Two-Dimensional" nature as it lacks the benefit of relationship that exists in Multi-Dimensional Problems."


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A Spirit becomes "Spiritual" when it starts identifying the Humans and their pains.


It Happens only in America-II

Financial incentives and external coercion play a diminishing role inmotivating Americans to spy against the United States, according to anew Defense Department study. But divided loyalties are increasinglyevident in recent espionage cases."Two thirds of American spies since 1990 have volunteered. Since 1990,spying has not paid well: 80% of spies received no payment forespionage, and since 2000 it appears no one was paid.""Offenders since 1990 are more likely to be naturalized citizens, and
to have foreign attachments, connections, and ties, and therefore theyare more likely to be motivated to spy from divided loyalties." Evenso, the majority (65%) of American spies are still native born.The changing circumstances surrounding the practice of espionage todayrequire revision of the existing espionage laws, the study concludes."Recent espionage cases involving stateless transnational groupsillustrate the strain of how to sort out and apply ... ambiguities inthe current [espionage] statutues."The new study was performed for the Defense Personnel Security ResearchCenter, with the support of the Counterintelligence Field Activity(which reportedly may soon be dismantled). (join to earn!)

It happens only in America-1

Last year, U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz was convicted of unlawfullydisclosing classified information to an unauthorized person, after heprovided the names of prisoners secretly held in military detention atGuantanamo Bay to a civil rights organization. He was sentenced to sixmonths in prison and ordered discharged from the Navy.Last week, Diaz was honored as a "truth teller" at the National PressClub in Washington, DC for the very same action.He received the Ridenhour Award, named for the late Ron Ridenhour, whorevealed the 1968 massacre of Vietnamese at My Lai."Lt. Cmdr. Diaz demonstrated independent judgment, fidelity to theConstitution, and uncommon courage," according to the Ridenhour Awardstatement."By disclosing the names of prisoners secretly detained at Guantanamo,he broke ranks and he violated the law, and for that he has paid aserious price. But we believe that he also demonstrated a profoundloyalty to the United States and its enduring constitutionalprinciples." (join to earn!)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Live every moment...

"Do Live every moment,even pre-life and post-life!"