Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It Happens only in America-II

Financial incentives and external coercion play a diminishing role inmotivating Americans to spy against the United States, according to anew Defense Department study. But divided loyalties are increasinglyevident in recent espionage cases."Two thirds of American spies since 1990 have volunteered. Since 1990,spying has not paid well: 80% of spies received no payment forespionage, and since 2000 it appears no one was paid.""Offenders since 1990 are more likely to be naturalized citizens, and
to have foreign attachments, connections, and ties, and therefore theyare more likely to be motivated to spy from divided loyalties." Evenso, the majority (65%) of American spies are still native born.The changing circumstances surrounding the practice of espionage todayrequire revision of the existing espionage laws, the study concludes."Recent espionage cases involving stateless transnational groupsillustrate the strain of how to sort out and apply ... ambiguities inthe current [espionage] statutues."The new study was performed for the Defense Personnel Security ResearchCenter, with the support of the Counterintelligence Field Activity(which reportedly may soon be dismantled).

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