Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reverse Mathematical Objects!

Newton’s third law: For every reaction there is a reaction, this is a Universal law! Today I will try to prove it mathematically. But still I am not sure of that how it exactly will be applicable practically. During normal thinking hours some seconds proved to be useful and productive which I would like to share with you through my blog! Only the great Almighty knows that whether I would be able to solve the riddle of life or not in my life time. May the Almighty enlighten me!
First draw a circle on x and y axis:-

Here we are analyzing that how the points on the perimeter of the circle behave wrt x and y coordinates! We start from (r,0) and finishes at (r,0) after taking a full anti-clockwise round. Here we intend to analyze the points on perimeter from minimum to maximum wrt to x and y coordinates.
Tabulating this:-

Now if we try to draw the points on any axis as (Min,Max) from first quadrangle to IV quadrangle then we find the flow of the coordinates as Clockwise.
Initially we have drawn the circle in a anticlockwise direction or we have drawn the circle from minimum to maximum in anticlockwise direction. But during mathematical analysis we found that minimum to maximum wrt to any of the coordinates do lies in clockwise direction. It is very interesting to note here that there exists a mathematical drama(U-Turn) here. It may be a reality too!
The same will apply to z and t axis also.
So, behind our every move it is proved at least mathematically that there exists a parallel negative factor also.
If we say the Universe is expanding then there would exist negative volumes also in the Universe. Or we also can’t deny the assumption that Universe is expanding with a rate of –dv/dt creating black holes if v is substantially almost equal to infinity or vice versa.
The derivation is quite simple but gives birth to a very interesting theory of “Reverse Mathematical Objects”.


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