Sunday, October 5, 2008

the bleeding ORISSA!

India is screaming again. The same old devil has attacked again the very intact culture of the nation. I am talking of Orissa where the shameless acts have put a big question mark on the sanity of the religion Hindu. Are the majors in some danger from someone? Is this a fight to save the religion or a game of betting where “Shakuni mama” has set his dices well and the loser side has to pay up in the form of “draupdi”? It’s a bad blame game again played not for the first time in the history of human-being. The minorities have always been oppressed and the majors feel that as they are doing some great service to their gods or their country. Our parents spend millions of seconds to make us a good man but even a single second does not contribute to kill the hiding “Shakuni” inside us. Probably we are better off playing with the nuts of others. Throwing light on the current cooked up scene some 42000 Christian families have been deprived of their home; some 55 churches have been set ablaze, 35 killing and last but not the least the one shameful rape of a nun which questions the teachings of the religion. If we Hindus feel that raping someone is a solution to their worries then I willfully say that the followers of this religion should be banned and should be seen as an underdeveloped race. The chaps are still living in the Stone Age. Their integrity is of no more of a dog which runs after the passers by without having any sense. The “aakaas” of the religion have a responsibility to keep their facilitators under control. If they can’t do it then better they should wash off their hands of the responsibility of leading such religions. This does not applies to Hindus only but also to the Muslims too. Some of the Moslems have done so derogatory act that I again willfully call them another street Dog. These monkeys have made the mockery of the very spirit of the pious human being. They have left no stone unturned to tarnish the core values of the human race. I am against of any type of violence performed in the name of the religion. Though the Christians too have a not a very good past. We have seen over the time that how there has exists a screeching line between the whites and the blacks. The only intention to rule someone else is the biggest evil we people nurture in our mind. We forget the fact that we should have a firm faith in the concept of Love ALL. Let all people be treated on equal footing. There should be no difference in the basic ingredients of the religious and cultural dishes though presentations may vary.
It is highly regretful on the part of the government both state as well as the center that they made an insignificant delay in resolving the matter। I am sorry for those politicians who may try a failed attempt in naming this delay as Indianised one. Let me finish this article with a message to all those unsocial polluters that for a glorified India, for a glorified religion and most important for a glorified human-being we all need to glorify our good inner spirits first and rest will take care of itself.

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