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Friday, October 3, 2008

REACTIONS invited!

It’s not the congress or UPA it’s the Honorable HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh again. He had hit the hot iron again. The politician in real meaning has done his job. Did his best to reserve his seat in the seat if the UPA comes back in power at least. He has played the cards smartly though out his tenure as HRD minister. But has he done it right by taking another regretful decision of increasing the Income Cap for Other Backward Class to 4.5 lacs from 2.5 lacs presently?
Mixed reactions? Some take it for good for their better but for some it is worst than worse! The government has again proven on account of Mr. Arjun Singh that somewhere down the line it political interests matters more than the National Interests. Seems that there is an appeasement department working underground for the government headed by the honorable HRD Minister! This is not the first time when Mr. Singh has not gone against the right wind that flows to the nation to the path of right democracy.
Government can hang me if I say that acts of Mr. Singh are not only shameful but also anti-nationalist. For certain political interests he is doing all the acts that an obliged dog has to perform for his master.
I assume Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh are quite sensible in understanding the true patriotic desires of the nation. If they like to keep their eyes closed then my nation doesn’t require them. Let me be clear that my nation is not hungry of these power-savvy politicians be it the leader of opposition party Mr. Advani or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It’s the call and voice of a natural Indian. An Indian soul and soil will never allow anyone to divide the nation on the basis of cast or religion. Being a secular nation all are equal, all are the spirits of One God.
I am not against the reservation. There should be a provision in the Indian Constitution to provide equal footing to the underprivileged. But compare peers with peers, is Mr. Singh really observing this?
A country where more than 40% of the people are living below the poverty line with an annual income of roughly Rs.25000 a year can a person 450000 a year be certified as underprivileged by the government of India?
The equation is out of my intelligence!
But it is true and it is happening.
We all Indians including me again have to follow the path shown by Great Mahatma. Just publishing some advertisements in the newspapers financed by the hardworking taxpayers will not suffice. We should keep in mind that we have no right including me to voice against anyone without contributing anything to the nation literally. Even writing an article like this is just a most coward and useless act performed by an average Indian.
You will even find some more and better article on the newspaper next day.
On the path shown by Mr. Gandhi we have to prosecute a non-violent non-cooperation movement against the government. Time has come when we all need to stand up against these corrupt politicians.
The current of the so called honorable Union HRD Minister shows that they are least bothered about being an Indian first than a politician.
Our politicians have learnt a good thing from British that divide and rule. These unfortunate chaps are great in following this rule.
So my friends time has come when the entire youth has to show his strength. Dare to stare in the eyes of these power-hungry politicians. Let we make them realize that Indians are no more a dull fools. They are no more their hand-puppets!
But this is not an easy path. Just words are not enough, you need a courage and good understanding from your inner spirit. A feeling of utter devotion is required to the service of the Nation. You may have to leave your jobs, your friends may call you a dumb-fool, your family may stop you from doing this, and your financials may go in a deep black-out!
Be Ready! If you really want some change, otherwise for God’s sake stop criticizing the politicians like a favorite time pass.
If you have the will then go ahead. I am always with you just give me knock!
REACTIONS invited!

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