Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the RAVE Parties!

In the recent times the word Rave Parties has influenced the media in a big way. I don’t exactly understand why the issue has attracted too much of a lime-light in a society where our Sadhus and Mahatmas are found taking happy narcotic drugs. I remember my 3 day long stay at Mahakumbh, Allahabad held in 2001 where I got the opportunity to understand the very native essence of Hindu religion practiced in modern times. Many of our ancient temples are full of pictures of naked gods and goddesses. I found many babas taking deep puffs of ganja and charas and enjoying their bharamacharya on the ghats of the Ganges. I too adventured to reserve a puff for myself and tried to understand the world from their view of thinking. Infact I later only regretted the decision but anyways it was good for the sake of first cut experience. During my entire stay and interaction with the people of different muths I didn’t find anything praiseworthy that I can talk of my religion once I am out of the created pious scene. I found the visiting pilgrims as scoundrel as in routine life. While taking bath in the holy rivers they were more concerned about the safety if their holding that they have left at the ghats. There was no respect for the senior citizens that they should be given the chance first and must be obliged physical help. I was also not a different being altogether and I remember the night of Shivaratri, it was 4:00 AM in the morning and a bit raining. I was all alone and wanted to take a bath in the holy preliminary hours of the festival. But I was worried about my polythene bag that I was carrying. I scanned the entire ghat to form a covalent bond with someone. With God’s grace I didn’t have to waste much time and I finally got me. I handed him over my belongings and went straight to the river to take a holy dive. Though all the way I was terrified lest these people flee away as I was barely wearing only an undergarment. During the period I was restless as all my money was with the Good Samaritan and if I lost touch with him after I return then I would have to do a naked parade on the streets of Allahabad! Fortunately things were all in order and I succeeded to go back to my hostel which full honor. End of the day I thought that when my heart contributed even a single second to pray to god when I was amidst the flowing waters of Ganga? Like me there a millions of followers who sail in the same boat. I firmly believe no one can be expected to function and act as a 100% right man. There is a Ravana hiding in each one of us!
The current rave party is no more a exception. Our culture is going westernized so the people. At one time in USA the LSD was so popular that the users had formed a big community in itself. Remember the famous bollywood song “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”
I will not advocate the usage of such drugs as it is for sure that we are running towards our end but we should visualize the problems in totality. Why the FTV and XX movies not banned in India? Why the pubs and bars are allowed to operate? Why the government is no so forceful in implementing the laws if any strictly? Infact behind the successful organization if these Rave Parties we are all involved some where.
I had also chanced upon to visit a Rave Party (just today I realized) last year at dharamshala. The so called sacred divine home for Holy Dalai Lama. The person who is fighting against the Chinese government for the freedom of Tibet. He has used the method of Gandhi ie Non-Violence. I interviewed various localities there who had a firm faith in the method of Gandhi practiced by Dalai Lama. But bounced back whether Mr. Lama is fighting a spiritual war or a diplomatic one? He is enjoying the luxuries of the life far away from the region of problem and talking about its’ freedom. He is scared of going to China as Chinese may get hold of him. I would like to react sharply that it is not a true Gandhian way. I agree that they are non-violent but there hardly I see any struggle for the Freedom. Gandhi was the person who sacrificed all the luxuries, traveled in third class and was the first person to reach the ailing state; whatever the consequences. Dalai Lama wants to get the freedom diplomatically. He may prove to be right in his method but I request him not to compare his method with that of Gandhi.
I was shocked to see the young Tibetans staying there. The night life of Dharamshala was as romantic as Las Vegas. You will find many Tibetan youths going hand in hand with the visiting foreigners and enjoying their nights with them at their expense. The Rave Parties are common there. I saw a topless foreigner girl kissing a young Tibetan at a dark corner of the room. And this was not the only example!
I thought at the moment that where Dalai Lama is paving his youths to? Do they ever be able to get the freedom by indulging in such heinous acts? Their first and foremost mission should be to work towards the achievement of the freedom and that needs sacrifice of high level if they want it through non-violence.
Interesting an Indian is not as respected as a foreigner in Dharamshala as we Indian are poorer to visiting videshies, though Mr. Lama and his pupils are living in exile in India.
I appeal him to do something for his nation and integrity before he dies rather than allowing his persons to fall into this western fashion of Rave Parties!


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