Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Speed can beat "Speed Of Light"....

Energy can Travel ,more than the Speed of Light!
---a proof !

Einstein had predicted that nothing can travel with the speed of light. Infact till today I have not gone through any mathematical proof which proves that speed, more than the speed of light exists.
But, I have worked out a proof for it. There may be some fallacies in the procedure adopted.
Let’s have a look at it!

Let there be a Bar of Length L is moving with a constant speed of Vr in X-Direction.
In time dt the Bar Moves a distance of dL. Let us assume that the total bar is made of several discs of length dL.

Let the Disc moves in X-direction by a distance of dL in time dt.
Here one point to observe that Energy is transferred across the whole length (L) of the Bar in the same time ie dt. Let Ve be the speed of energy travel.
We can say,
L=Ve * dt
(Energy travels across the Bar in time dt)


Further the Bar, with a speed of Vr, moves a distance of dL in the same time as shown in the figure.

dL=Vr * dt

dt=dL/Vr…………………………… (b)

Substituting the Value of dt in equation (a)



=(L/dL)* Vr…………………………..(c)

Here it is obvious that L/dL>1

Also if the speed of the Rod equals the speed of Light,

Vr=Vc (Speed of Light)


Ve= (Value>1)* Vc

So, It can be proved that Energy can Travel with a speed more than the speed of Light.

Further we take the distance dL as the distance between two atoms. Because this can be the least distance by which the bar can move in X-direction.

As we know that this Distance is very very less. Let we assume it as 10 -10 m.
(power in italics)
We Know,
Vc= 3 * 10 8 m/sec

And L= 1m (assume)
Putting these values in equation c.

Ve=(1/10 -10)*3*10 8 m/sec
=3*10 18 m/sec

So, in a Bar of Length 1 m, energy can travel with a speed of 3*1018 m/sec which is far more than the speed of Light.

But is it Possible?
Can anything move more than the speed of Light? Is, What Einstein had predicted was wrong! We need to discuss it further. There may be some fallacies in the above proof. Please point out the fallacy .If we can’t then we have to admit that things can move more than the speed of Light.

Here one thing can be pointed out. If something is moving with a speed of Vc then its size decreases as it becomes L=dl then Ve<= Vc.So we observe that if we accept Einstein assumption on speed is right that none of the matter can travel more than the speed of light then we can conclude that the length of the matter decreases to the length equivalent to the average distance between two atoms/molecules at that point of time. Food For Thought! Please Contribute… ------------------Ankur---


Manoj Awasthi said...

.. assumption of the kinesis of energy is what is 'flawed'. energy has the ability to set particles in motion but itself does not move. please CMIIW.

Ankur Agrawal said...

@ manoj
Thanks manoj for the valuable contribution.
well refer einstein law of says even energy cant travel more than the speed of light.Or in your words this energy can never put the matter to move more than the peed of light.What u say:is light not a energy..