Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seeking Nirvana........

Gita Gyan: Samsthirr Buddhi

Samsthirr Buddhi” is a magical word that I have learned while reading the great and pious Hindu epic “The great and sacred Bhagwat Gita”.Infact the whole of Gita is full of rarest of rare pearls. Mahatma Gandhi was so much influenced by the teachings of Gita that he had applied several of its learning not only in the fight against British but also to reform himself as a real saint, a truly Mahatma. Anyone who is looking for salvation or what I say a true peace of mind should adopt these teaching of Gita in his life. No doubt practicing this law will create many mental hurdles initially but keep in mind that GOD has given us a limited time to prove ourselves so without wasting a single minute, we all should start our journey towards salvation right now. Another thing that there is no proven single way to achieve this. Whatever the way you feel appropriate, work hard on that, with pious sense, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Patience is the key. The great Guru Kabira and Krishna Bhakta Surdas, both had traveled on the road to salvation. They had their own ways of worship. The former one had adopted the Nirgun path, means the GOD is Nirakar, and the later adopted the Saguna path, the path of love, where idol worshipping was practiced. So you have to choose what suits you best. What fits with your soul and mind! But whatever path you adopt, being a Samsthirr Buddhi human, helps to reach to the destination faster .But before that let us understand what is meant by the Salvation? Why it is significant for us that we give our best to this mission?
Is there some GOD sitting in the sky, Who will give us darshan the day we achieve Mokhsha or Salvation? Do we be able to control our re-births? Will some giant looking GOD, bless us with some Vardan, some day?
Each of the religion tries to explain the existence of GOD and salvation, its own way! They may be true or false! In today’s perspective it will not be fair to deny any theory as Today this subject is above the purview of Science. And I feel nothing bad, in adding my theory also in this chain of assumptions! I feel that there is no thing as GOD. Tell me, why do we worship GOD? Most of the times it is not the case that we are giving undue respect to GOD; rather we have some greed for that we look to GOD for Help! Whenever I visit any temple I see a lot of people asking GOD for some favors. Some pray for growth in their business, some pray for well-being or else. Hardly any soul would have worshipped the GOD without asking for any favor in his life-time. Infact, I don’t deny the fact that Prayers are listened. It is actually our lack of control on the nature that we have a sense of fear in our minds and this sense of fear leads us to pray for GOD! The day we are able to control our future, our fate we will have no fear of any untoward or unseen incident and we will have complete peace of mind and this is the stage of Salvation. You have not only seen the GOD but you yourself is a GOD of yours. It is the end of Science at this stage. In sum and substance we all people have some fear and it should be our aim to find a permanent remedy for this. Praying just works as a temporary relief. The final solution of your problem lies with Salvation. So we all should have an undying urge for Moksha, the high level Gyan.
Further, there is no fixed time frame to qualify for this superior degree but there is one virtue which is called Karma, definitely which works as a light-house in the sea. Everyone is pre-loaded with a Karma account of his own. It is like a Bank Account. The More the balance, you are in a safe situation and have more peace of mind you have secured for your future. So we should try to increase our account of Karma by doing good things. Like always try to speak truth, be honest, never even try to hurt anyone knowingly, sense of giving, a pure vegetarian diet and kinda stuff.
Practicing all this is not as easy as to recommend someone. There is one famous old saying that there should be no difference between speech and action. Or whatever you speak or ask somebody to follow, at the same time you should also adhere to the same laws. It reminds me of one incident, which inspires us to accept this principle.
In old time, pre-freedom ,there was a lady who was living with his son. His son had a bad habit of eating excessive sweets. Time and again she had tried many ways to put a check on his son’s habit. All in vain! But there was still a ray a light. The little chap was a great follower of the great Mahatma Gandhi. Now the lady was sure that if somehow she could manage to take his son to bapu and he himself ask the young one to stop eating too much of sweets, then her problem may be solved. She did the same. She accompanied his son to Bapu’s ashram.When bapu listened her story he refused to talk to his son on this matter at the moment and told her to come again after a week. The lady was a bit nervous as why bapu didn’t help her. Beggars are no choosers; she went again to bapu’s ashram. But again Bapu seemed helpless. He again gave her a new Taareekh (date).This happened twice or thrice. The lady kept on visiting the Bapu’s ashram and bapu used to tell her to meet at a later date.
But one day Bapu was well prepared and when the lady came accompanying his son, he without any hesitation asked the kid to control his urge towards sweets even before the lady had asked him to do so. Lady was happy with one obvious question stinging in her mind that why bapu didn’t tell the same thing to her son on her first visit or may be in the second? Why he took so much of time?
Now Gandhi said that actually initially when the lady had first come to him, he himself had a habit of eating too much of sweets. So When he himself is not free from this sin how could he recommend someone to not to do so. So during the time he had begged from the lady he tried to control on his habit himself and when succeeded he without any hesitation got the right to recommend others. There should be no difference in Kathni and Karni.
So morale of the story is that don’t feel shame and shy on our present state but try to work on it and the day you sincerely start worshipping this biggest principle of spiritualism tell others too to join you.

“Hum akele hi chale the,
janibe manjil ki aur.
Log saath aate gaye,
Aur karvan banta gaya.

Coming back on Gita’s Gyan.
Samsthirr Buddhi is the best way to overcome your fear and sadness. Nishkaam Karma
Has been described in Gita vividly. It means that we should do our daily activities without sticking ourselves to its outcomes. Just give your best to whatever you do. Whether you win or loose don’t think of that now. You should satisfy yourself by the fact that you had given your best to the cause and any outcome lies only in the hands of GOD and HE will definitely justify your hard work. The Krishna said to Arjuna that he was a Khsatriya first and his duty was to fight with the enemies of the state without attaching himself with the consequences. In other words you have to act as a Mechanical Hammer whose only aim is to hit the things without thinking of the results.
Infact this is our greed of success that breeds fear. Fear causes sadness. And when we are sad and depressed we tend to sometimes think of some immoral ways to achieve our aim. So this makes us guilty. Say if you are attracted towards a girl and love her, then best way is to keep loving her without even thinking that whether she will ever love you in your life-time or not. You will be more than cool and calm with the efforts you have put in. And I am sure that efforts never go for a toss. You will be definitely rewarded by the GOD. But don’t burden yourself now. Incase if you have feelings for her and you live with an anxiety in your mind that whether she will accept you ever then you are not doing justice with yourself. You invite feelings of desperation and fear for no need .You will not be able to perform your routine jobs also. Further there are chances that your love may meet some sorrowful end. Getting impatient you may commit suicide or may even harm your love. We often hear such drastic stories daily on news. So best way of loving someone is to be faithful with her, help her whatever way you can as a true mentor and very important never disturb your routine schedule because love is not the only destination of your life. It is just one of the milestones.
It is your dharma to do karmas conscientiously. And to successfully carry out this you need to be very much unwearied or patient. You just focus on uphill struggle or hard work. Never ever think of the result because thinking of outcomes will not only make you intolerant but also will drain certain amount of energy that ideally you should put in your struggle. So put 100% of your endeavor towards hard work. Like someone has rightly said that “Take care of the minutes, hours will take care themselves”.
For all this you need to become a Samsthirr Buddhi Person.
Gita Says,

Yo na hasyati na dwesti na sochati n kangshati,
Shubashubh parityagi bhaktimanyah sa me priye.
Samh astro cha mitre cha tatha manapmanyoh,
Shitoshnasukhdhukeshu Samh sangvivarjit.
Tulyanindastutimauni santusto yen kenchit,
Aniket sthirrmatibhaktimanme priyon narah.

Lord Krishna Says or Krishna uvaach,
The person who never feels happy,never feels jealous,never feels sad,never desires and who sacrifices the results of either good or bad karmas,is close to my heart. The person who either with a friend or an enemy is similar,who either in honor or in humiliation behaves identical,who is free from the web of happiness and sorrowfulness, who is free from the bonds of materialistic desires,who has no charm with his place of living and who worships GOD is having unchanging mind and lovable to me.

Gita clearly says that you should welcome each and every pros and cons of your life weather good or bad. You don’t have to be worried for the results. Because you are just a hand puppet of the god and as an employee you have taken birth to do some work prescribed by the GOD. Whatever be the outcome is not your lookout. You should be destined to just give your best efforts and not ever think of writing your destiny yourselves.
If you follow this and try to keep your emotions full under your control then you will never feel drained away by life. We feel sad because sometime in the past we had enjoyed the happiness. These varsities are just relative. So we have to act in an identical fashion without sacrificing our day to day work. So it is high time that you zero-down your expectations. Never expect anything from anyone but you just keep serving the society by giving and just giving. You will definitely observe a change in you leading you to salvation. So from now on, try to be a Samsthirr Buddhi Manav .
Yeh hai gita ka gyan!


desi chhora said...

Very nice post indeed Ankur. I still remember the epic Gita you had in your room. And you had given me one too, Gita by Iskcon Founder. I would like to add my comments here. There are two things in this human life - "Means" and "End". End is what we are trying to achieve. "Means" is how we shall achieve our End. And answer to both these things are only one, "God". Our "End" should always be "God". And the Means to to achieve that "End", The God, should always be "God". All through this process, we are definitely expected to carry out our day to day materialistic works but all that should be done by keeping in mind that those tasks are ordained by God.

However I don't agree to one thing that you say here in your post.
-------------I feel that there is no thing as GOD. Tell me, why do we worship GOD? ----------

Later as you rightly said this.
----------------Gita clearly says that you should welcome each and every pros and cons of your life weather good or bad. You don’t have to be worried for the results. Because you are just a hand puppet of the god and as an employee you have taken birth to do some work prescribed by the GOD---------------

So Indeed there is someone as "God".

Ankur Agrawal said...

@ desi chhora..
thanks for dropping by.
well I am firm that there is no physical GOD present in the world or universe.Nature is the only GOD that runs the whole machinery by some well defined never failing beautiful whatever whenever or wherever activity we do involves this nature god.
Well why we worship similar as why be fear from police because of we get caught then we are punished by the same nature god.