Sunday, October 26, 2008


दीप दिवाली, मगन यह क्यारी,
गोलाव्रती प्रकाशित ज्वाली।
उष्म केश, निम्न अवशेष।
जोश जगाती, माटी की प्याली।


the problems...

"The root cause of all the problems that we face during ourlifetime is hidden somewhere in ourselves only and it is only we who can solve these problems facing its truthful heat of reality!"


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

में आज चाँद पर चला था!

में कल भी चला था,
में आज भी चला हूँ।
बस फर्क सिर्फ़ इतना है कि,
में आज चाँद पर चला था!

(My congratulations to the Chandrayaan-1)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks NASA!

NASA to Discuss Mission to Study Sun's Weakening Protective Bubble

GREENBELT, Md. -- NASA will hold a media teleconference on Friday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. EDT, to preview the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, mission. The spacecraft may confirm if the sun's protective bubble surrounding our solar system, called the heliosphere, is about to shrink and weaken. IBEX also will be the first spacecraft to image and map the dynamic interactions taking place where the hot solar wind slams into the cold expanse of space. The heliosphere acts as a shield for our solar system, warding off most of the galactic cosmic rays. Recent data indicate the solar wind's global pressure is the lowest seen since the beginning of the space age. IBEX is set to launch Oct. 19 from the Kwajalein Atoll, a part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Panelists will be: - David McComas, IBEX principal investigator at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio - Nathan Schwadron, co-investigator and IBEX Science Operations Center lead at Boston University - Stephen Fuselier, co-investigator and IBEX-Lo Sensor lead at Lockheed-Martin Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto, Calif. - Eric Christian, program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington Reporters should call 1-888-323-5257 and use the passcode "IBEX" to participate in the teleconference. International media should call 1-415-228-4881. Supporting information for the briefing will be available at the start of the teleconference on the Web at:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Insulating Paint Powder Turns Every Color 'Green'

Remember that grade-school riddle, "What's black, white, and red all over?" Depending on who gave you the punch line, the answer was "a sunburned zebra" or "a newspaper." 

Here's an updated version: What's every color in the world, but still always green? 

The answer is paint that includes an insulating powder that originated at NASA. Widely used on commercial and residential structures, it transforms any color of paint into an environmentally friendly insulation barrier that saves energy and cost. 

The solution is simple: mix the powder into any color of interior or exterior paint, then break out the brushes. When spread on walls, ceilings, and roofs, it creates a barrier that deflects the sun's heat away from the house, plus it helps keep heating and air conditioning where they belong. This reduced need for energy is not only cost-effective, but also a kindness to the environment -- an easy way to create your own "green house effect." 
Many businesses use insulating paint to coat air-conditioning ducts, steam pipes and fittings, metal buildings, and cold storage facilities, such as walk-in coolers and freezers. For example, Purina Feeds uses a version of the insulating powder to cover storage silos, helping to prevent feed spoilage. The poultry industry uses it to help regulate the climate inside its hatcheries. Samsung applies it on military vehicles, and Hyundai Corporation's shipbuilding division paints it onto ships. It's even been used to insulate electrical switch boxes on the outside of fighters jets to prevent overheating. 
This simple but powerful solution all began with space shuttle launches. During a launch, heat generated by wind resistance and engine exhaust can potentially be very damaging. In the 1980s, engineers at the Marshall Center developed a spray-on process to apply an insulating mixture to help protect the shuttle. The process involved mixing nine different chemicals into an adhesive that was applied to the boosters' forward assembly, systems tunnel covers, and aft skirt. 

But there were challenges. Once the insulating material was mixed, it had to be applied within five hours. Any delay meant a batch of expensive materials was lost, requiring the time and cost to mix a new batch. The strength of the insulating material was also difficult to regulate, meaning it could chip during the shuttle's flight and splashdown of its reusable booster rockets. Adding to the downside, two of the nine ingredients in the insulating mix weren't environmentally friendly. 

In 1993, Marshall created a solution by atomizing epoxy and other filler materials to create a fine, environmentally friendly insulation powder. The material -- known as MCC-1, or Marshall Convergent Coating-1 -- contained tiny, hollow glass spheres and particles of cork and epoxy. The application process was also changed. Instead of mixing the insulating powder directly into the paint, it was shot from a spray gun at the same time the paint was applied. This change in process eliminated the five-hour "time clock" to complete the painting. 

The improved, eco-friendly insulation powder was first flight tested in 1996 on the STS-79 mission. It was so successful that it was adopted for all subsequent shuttle flights, with virtually no observed missing or chipped paint on the spent boosters during post-flight inspections. 
Bringing the NASA insulation powder to the public market resulted in an innovative partnership with Tech Traders, Inc. Months of testing and development created Insuladd®, a safe, non-toxic powder that can be added to any interior or exterior paint to transform it into a layer of insulation. 

The powder contains hollow, microscopic ceramic spheres, and a unique process applies a coating to these "microspheres." When the paint dries, it forms a radiant heat barrier, converting ordinary house paint into heat-reflecting thermal paint. 

You might say that NASA's contributions to insulating paint can keep green in your world AND in your wallet. That's a good reason to be tickled pink. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please don't trust the Congressite Mussalmans, for they are not only the 'Mir Jafars amongst us.....

Thus writes a Khan Bahadur from Delhi"This is a letter for the Question Box in Harijan.In your article in Harijan of April 6, you observe as follows:
'I should be failing in my duly if I did not warn the Mussalmans against the untruth that is being propagated amongst them. This warning is a duty because I have faithfully served them in their hour of need and because Hindu-Muslim unity has been and is my life's mission."
I will request you to consider the Hindu-Muslim problem from our point of view. The stumbling block to any negotiations for a settlement of the communal question has been the refusal of the Congress to recognise the All India Muslim League as the authoritative and sole representative body of the Indian Mussalmans. The Congress claims that it speaks for whole India and that it has on its rolls a considerable number of Mussalmans. The very fact that the Congress has made several attempts to come to terms with Mr. Jinnah shows that it is not fully confident of its representative character as far as the Mussalmans are concerned, But do you not honestly feel that the Congress Mussalmans are the real stumbling block in the way of Hindu-Muslim unity, and that it is for their sake that the Congress is not making a serious effort to solve the problem? Believe me, they are a lazy lot who are enjoying their present position because they are in the Congress.
You know what the Muslim masses did to your President in Calcutta where for years he had been leading Id prayer. You also know that they have no courage to address a Muslim meeting to convert the Mussalmans to their point of view. You blame the British for creating Princes, Moderates and Khan Bahadurs like me. You blame the British for trying to create another Ulster in India. Has not the Congress created equivalent Moderates and Khan Bahadurs in Azads, Asaf Alis and Kidwais. Is not the action of the Congress tantamount to creation of a Muslim Ulster?
You may cite the case of Mr. Asaf Ali succeeding in the municipal elections of Delhi. I may inform you that but for a division in the Provincial league and bad handling of the situation Mr. Asaf Ali would have never won the election. I may inform you that even as it is, when Delhi Congress wanted to contest the municipal elections as a party, Mr. Asaf Ali, who is now a member of the Congress Working Committee, had declined to take a Congress ticket. Therefore, Mr. Asaf Ali's election was not a test case; and if, you pardon my saying so, even now let Mr. Asaf Ali re-seek election on a Congress ticket, and I am confident that any league candidate would defeat him. You will thus realise, that your being baffled by the Lahore resolution of the League is not. Justified when Mussalmans have ceased to trust in your file's mission regarding Hindu-Muslim unity. On the other hand they are convinced that the sole aim of the Congress, for the last ten years at least, has been to divide and rule the Mussalmans. I will beg of you to reconsider your attitude towards the League. Please don't trust the Congressite Mussalmans, for they are not only the 'Mir Jafars amongst us, but the enemies of Hindu-Muslim accord and India's freedom."
Just now I am inundated with letters of protest from Muslim friends. Most writers do not argue. They give themselves satisfaction by abusing Pyarelal, who opens and deals with the daily post, gives me only those letters which he thinks I should see. Of these I take notice of those I think I must. In some cases I answer them privately. Therefore correspondents who never receive acknowledgement either through Harijan or the post should know the reason.
There are some Muslim letters of sympathy too. One of them says that in his house he has to listen to wildest criticism of me. No adjective is too bad to use. Much criticism he knows to be false. What is he to do, he asks. Is he to leave the house, or is he to engage in endless disputation and convert his house into a bear garden? I have advised my correspondent neither to leave the house nor to engage in a discussion. If he can, he may put in a mild word when he knows that a manifest falsehood is being uttered and believed.
The correspondence in my possession and the Urdu press cuttings and even some English cuttings from journals owned by Muslims go to show that I am believed to be the arch enemy of Islam and Indian Muslims. If I was at one time acclaimed as their greatest friend and suffered the praise, I must suffer too to be described as an enemy. Truth is known only to God. I am confident that in nothing that I am doing, saying or thinking I am their enemy. They are blood brothers and will remain so, though they may disown me ever so much.
Now for the Khan Bahadur's letter.
I have never understood the reason behind the demand for the recognition by the Congress of the All India Muslim League as the sole and authoritative Muslim body. Why should such an admission be demanded or expected? How is it compatible with a genuine desire for a settlement?
The Congress attempts to represent all. But it has never demanded recognition as such from anybody. The all India status has to be deserved. But whether it be deserved or not, admission there of is a superfluity. The Congress has never claimed that it represents the whole of Indian Muslims. It has not claimed to represent any single community wholly. But it does claim to represent every single national interest irrespective of class, caste, colour or creed, Even that claim need not be admitted by those who deal with it. It should be sufficient consolation to each party that it is considered by the other important enough to seek friendship with.
The Congress has always frankly admitted that it has not on its register as many Muslims as it would like. But it has been proud to have had the support of many eminent Muslims. Hakim Shaheb Ajmal Khan was the tallest among them. Qaid-e-Azam himself was a great Congressman. It was only after non-cooperation that he, like many other Congressmen belonging to several communities, left it, Their defection was purely political. They disliked direct action.
It is wrong to swear at the nationalist Muslims simply because they are attached to the Congress. If they become members of the League, they will become worthy Muslims!!! My correspondent simply does not know how much Congress Muslims are trying to bring about unity. When unity is re-established, as it must be, I have no doubt that nationalist Muslims will get their due both from Hindus and Muslims.
It is torture of truth to suggest that they are so many Mir Jafars. They are betraying neither Islam nor India. They are as true Muslims according to their lights as members of the League claim to be, It is equal torture of truth to suggest that the Congress is following the British method of divide and rule. The Congress is a political party with one single aim. It would be a bad day for India if the Congress could be proved to have mean motives. Is it mean to woo Muslim opinion by the fairest means imaginable? Rightly or wrongly the Congress does not believe in watertight compartments on a communal basis. If religion is allowed to be as it is, a personal concern and a matter between God and man, there are many dominating common factors between the two which will compel common life and common action. Religions are not for separating men from one another, they are meant to bind them. It is a misfortune that today they are so distorted that they have become a potent cause of strife and mutual slaughter.
It will perhaps now be clear why I can have no concern with Asaf Ali Saheb's case. I would grant that he would be beaten in a contest between him and a Leaguer. let it be further granted that such will be the case in the majority of such contests. It will in no way weaken my position. It will prove the superior organizing ability of the League and its popularity among the Muslims. I have not doubted either. My case is incredibly simple. I must not be called upon to make any admissions about the status of the League before thinking of unity through the League. I must not be disloyal to the Muslim nationalists however insignificant they may be considered to be. I ask the Khan Bahadur, the writer of the letter under discussion, to exert his influence to bring the two communities together.


a fight for right!

It was just another joyride along with my family to one of the most exotic beaches of Maharastra, Divyaagar located in the district of Raigad. I along with my brother, sister-in-law and my sweetest niece were returning from Harihreshwar and decided to spend some of the unforgettable moments at the mile long beach at Divyaagar under the sauna of the Almighty Sun. We all were so tired after a long drive from Harihareshwer to Divyaagar that we decided to have a lunch first before submerging ourselves in the waves of the splendid Indian Ocean. A MTDC resort run by one private Mumbai Based group Exotica fitted the bill as it lied just closest to the beach. Not to mention I found the beach as one of the best beaches in India comparable to famous Kovlam Beach at Kerala, which I had visited around four years back. Back at MTDC Resort the best in the beach city we ordered lunch. We preferred to have Mineral Water instead of Regular one. The food was delicious beyond expectations. We asked for the bill. The bill totaled a sum of INR 325. I scanned the bill and a sleeping Indian Citizen immediately got a catalytic pill started reacting in my blood. The Mineral Water bottle was charged for INR 25 a bottle which was INR 12 above from the MRP. You would be thinking that what strange is in this order of routine. But my dear friend it is illegal to sell any item above the Maximum retail Price. I retaliated. I felt a Gandhi inside me and did a “dandi march” deep in the depth of my heart. I asked the attendant who reluctantly referred to the manger who tried to convince me that what wrong is with me. Everywhere in the country at the star places items are sold above the MRP. I simply asked him to give me a bill mentioning the name of the brand and sign the same. The guy got a shiver from inside he immediately called his superior and talked to him on the matter. The Phone was handed over to me and I took the charge of the invisible battalion and put my simple point before the senior manager who was actually the Incharge of the Resort. He immediately smelled his malpractices and apologized me and finally I extra amount was deducted. I felt that time my heart had beats for India only. Money was not the issue it was the issue of the malpractice which we generally ignore in our routine life as the amount is not big. Though I tipped off the waiter as a gesture but something which is wrong at the moment was not acceptable to me. Later I moved to beach and gave a thought sitting amidst the neck rubbing waters of the non-ending ocean. This was a small battle which with God’s grace I had won. I had many more battles that I have to fight. I pray to God that He give me a strong and robust spirit to fight all those honestly. Signing off!

U.N. says credit crisis could enable "green growth"

By Patrick Worsnip
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Instead of sidelining the fight against climate change, the global credit crisis could hasten countries' efforts to create "green growth" industries by revamping the financial system behind them, the U.N. climate chief said on Friday.
But that would depend on governments helping poor countries -- who are key to saving the planet's ecology -- tackle their problems, instead of spending most available money on rescuing the financial world, Yvo de Boer told reporters.
De Boer said the financial "earthquake" that has seen markets plunge worldwide in recent weeks could damage U.N.-led climate change talks, but only "if the opportunities that the crisis brings for climate change abatement are ignored."
"The credit crisis can be used to make progress in a new direction, an opportunity for global green economic growth," de Boer, who heads the Bonn-based U.N. Climate Change Secretariat, told a news conference.
"The credit crunch I believe is an opportunity to rebuild the financial system that would underpin sustainable growth ... Governments now have an opportunity to create and enforce policy which stimulates private competition to fund clean industry."
De Boer said a successful outcome to climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009 would create new markets, investment opportunities and job creation.
But he warned that "if available global capital is used primarily to refloat the financial world, we literally will sink the futures of the poorest of the poor.
"And I hope that the credit crunch will not mean that people in the South will have to wait for those in the North to have repaid their credit card debts and mortgages before attention is again turned to the South."
Without reaching out a hand to developing countries, it would be very difficult to make advances on the rest of the environmental agenda, De Boer said.
Environment ministers will meet in two months' time in Poznan, Poland, to prepare for the Copenhagen summit, which is due to agree on a new global-warming accord to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.
Ministers in Poznan must make clear they were "willing to put financial resources, the architecture, the institutions in place that will allow developing countries to engage in a global approach on both mitigation and adaptation," he said.
Funding did not have to all come from governments and he foresaw "an approach where we very much use the market".
De Boer said the financial crisis had not so far affected the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism, which allows rich countries to offset their carbon footprints by investing in clean energy projects in developing countries.
"I don't see a slowdown in the CDM pipeline at the moment," he said.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reverse Mathematical Objects!

Newton’s third law: For every reaction there is a reaction, this is a Universal law! Today I will try to prove it mathematically. But still I am not sure of that how it exactly will be applicable practically. During normal thinking hours some seconds proved to be useful and productive which I would like to share with you through my blog! Only the great Almighty knows that whether I would be able to solve the riddle of life or not in my life time. May the Almighty enlighten me!
First draw a circle on x and y axis:-

Here we are analyzing that how the points on the perimeter of the circle behave wrt x and y coordinates! We start from (r,0) and finishes at (r,0) after taking a full anti-clockwise round. Here we intend to analyze the points on perimeter from minimum to maximum wrt to x and y coordinates.
Tabulating this:-

Now if we try to draw the points on any axis as (Min,Max) from first quadrangle to IV quadrangle then we find the flow of the coordinates as Clockwise.
Initially we have drawn the circle in a anticlockwise direction or we have drawn the circle from minimum to maximum in anticlockwise direction. But during mathematical analysis we found that minimum to maximum wrt to any of the coordinates do lies in clockwise direction. It is very interesting to note here that there exists a mathematical drama(U-Turn) here. It may be a reality too!
The same will apply to z and t axis also.
So, behind our every move it is proved at least mathematically that there exists a parallel negative factor also.
If we say the Universe is expanding then there would exist negative volumes also in the Universe. Or we also can’t deny the assumption that Universe is expanding with a rate of –dv/dt creating black holes if v is substantially almost equal to infinity or vice versa.
The derivation is quite simple but gives birth to a very interesting theory of “Reverse Mathematical Objects”.


the RAVE Parties!

In the recent times the word Rave Parties has influenced the media in a big way. I don’t exactly understand why the issue has attracted too much of a lime-light in a society where our Sadhus and Mahatmas are found taking happy narcotic drugs. I remember my 3 day long stay at Mahakumbh, Allahabad held in 2001 where I got the opportunity to understand the very native essence of Hindu religion practiced in modern times. Many of our ancient temples are full of pictures of naked gods and goddesses. I found many babas taking deep puffs of ganja and charas and enjoying their bharamacharya on the ghats of the Ganges. I too adventured to reserve a puff for myself and tried to understand the world from their view of thinking. Infact I later only regretted the decision but anyways it was good for the sake of first cut experience. During my entire stay and interaction with the people of different muths I didn’t find anything praiseworthy that I can talk of my religion once I am out of the created pious scene. I found the visiting pilgrims as scoundrel as in routine life. While taking bath in the holy rivers they were more concerned about the safety if their holding that they have left at the ghats. There was no respect for the senior citizens that they should be given the chance first and must be obliged physical help. I was also not a different being altogether and I remember the night of Shivaratri, it was 4:00 AM in the morning and a bit raining. I was all alone and wanted to take a bath in the holy preliminary hours of the festival. But I was worried about my polythene bag that I was carrying. I scanned the entire ghat to form a covalent bond with someone. With God’s grace I didn’t have to waste much time and I finally got me. I handed him over my belongings and went straight to the river to take a holy dive. Though all the way I was terrified lest these people flee away as I was barely wearing only an undergarment. During the period I was restless as all my money was with the Good Samaritan and if I lost touch with him after I return then I would have to do a naked parade on the streets of Allahabad! Fortunately things were all in order and I succeeded to go back to my hostel which full honor. End of the day I thought that when my heart contributed even a single second to pray to god when I was amidst the flowing waters of Ganga? Like me there a millions of followers who sail in the same boat. I firmly believe no one can be expected to function and act as a 100% right man. There is a Ravana hiding in each one of us!
The current rave party is no more a exception. Our culture is going westernized so the people. At one time in USA the LSD was so popular that the users had formed a big community in itself. Remember the famous bollywood song “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”
I will not advocate the usage of such drugs as it is for sure that we are running towards our end but we should visualize the problems in totality. Why the FTV and XX movies not banned in India? Why the pubs and bars are allowed to operate? Why the government is no so forceful in implementing the laws if any strictly? Infact behind the successful organization if these Rave Parties we are all involved some where.
I had also chanced upon to visit a Rave Party (just today I realized) last year at dharamshala. The so called sacred divine home for Holy Dalai Lama. The person who is fighting against the Chinese government for the freedom of Tibet. He has used the method of Gandhi ie Non-Violence. I interviewed various localities there who had a firm faith in the method of Gandhi practiced by Dalai Lama. But bounced back whether Mr. Lama is fighting a spiritual war or a diplomatic one? He is enjoying the luxuries of the life far away from the region of problem and talking about its’ freedom. He is scared of going to China as Chinese may get hold of him. I would like to react sharply that it is not a true Gandhian way. I agree that they are non-violent but there hardly I see any struggle for the Freedom. Gandhi was the person who sacrificed all the luxuries, traveled in third class and was the first person to reach the ailing state; whatever the consequences. Dalai Lama wants to get the freedom diplomatically. He may prove to be right in his method but I request him not to compare his method with that of Gandhi.
I was shocked to see the young Tibetans staying there. The night life of Dharamshala was as romantic as Las Vegas. You will find many Tibetan youths going hand in hand with the visiting foreigners and enjoying their nights with them at their expense. The Rave Parties are common there. I saw a topless foreigner girl kissing a young Tibetan at a dark corner of the room. And this was not the only example!
I thought at the moment that where Dalai Lama is paving his youths to? Do they ever be able to get the freedom by indulging in such heinous acts? Their first and foremost mission should be to work towards the achievement of the freedom and that needs sacrifice of high level if they want it through non-violence.
Interesting an Indian is not as respected as a foreigner in Dharamshala as we Indian are poorer to visiting videshies, though Mr. Lama and his pupils are living in exile in India.
I appeal him to do something for his nation and integrity before he dies rather than allowing his persons to fall into this western fashion of Rave Parties!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

the bleeding ORISSA!

India is screaming again. The same old devil has attacked again the very intact culture of the nation. I am talking of Orissa where the shameless acts have put a big question mark on the sanity of the religion Hindu. Are the majors in some danger from someone? Is this a fight to save the religion or a game of betting where “Shakuni mama” has set his dices well and the loser side has to pay up in the form of “draupdi”? It’s a bad blame game again played not for the first time in the history of human-being. The minorities have always been oppressed and the majors feel that as they are doing some great service to their gods or their country. Our parents spend millions of seconds to make us a good man but even a single second does not contribute to kill the hiding “Shakuni” inside us. Probably we are better off playing with the nuts of others. Throwing light on the current cooked up scene some 42000 Christian families have been deprived of their home; some 55 churches have been set ablaze, 35 killing and last but not the least the one shameful rape of a nun which questions the teachings of the religion. If we Hindus feel that raping someone is a solution to their worries then I willfully say that the followers of this religion should be banned and should be seen as an underdeveloped race. The chaps are still living in the Stone Age. Their integrity is of no more of a dog which runs after the passers by without having any sense. The “aakaas” of the religion have a responsibility to keep their facilitators under control. If they can’t do it then better they should wash off their hands of the responsibility of leading such religions. This does not applies to Hindus only but also to the Muslims too. Some of the Moslems have done so derogatory act that I again willfully call them another street Dog. These monkeys have made the mockery of the very spirit of the pious human being. They have left no stone unturned to tarnish the core values of the human race. I am against of any type of violence performed in the name of the religion. Though the Christians too have a not a very good past. We have seen over the time that how there has exists a screeching line between the whites and the blacks. The only intention to rule someone else is the biggest evil we people nurture in our mind. We forget the fact that we should have a firm faith in the concept of Love ALL. Let all people be treated on equal footing. There should be no difference in the basic ingredients of the religious and cultural dishes though presentations may vary.
It is highly regretful on the part of the government both state as well as the center that they made an insignificant delay in resolving the matter। I am sorry for those politicians who may try a failed attempt in naming this delay as Indianised one. Let me finish this article with a message to all those unsocial polluters that for a glorified India, for a glorified religion and most important for a glorified human-being we all need to glorify our good inner spirits first and rest will take care of itself.

Friday, October 3, 2008

में ऐसा हूँ!

में लिखता हूँ,

क्यूंकि मेरा मन कुछ कहता है।

में दीखता हूँ,

क्यूंकि में ऐसा हूँ!


REACTIONS invited!

It’s not the congress or UPA it’s the Honorable HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh again. He had hit the hot iron again. The politician in real meaning has done his job. Did his best to reserve his seat in the seat if the UPA comes back in power at least. He has played the cards smartly though out his tenure as HRD minister. But has he done it right by taking another regretful decision of increasing the Income Cap for Other Backward Class to 4.5 lacs from 2.5 lacs presently?
Mixed reactions? Some take it for good for their better but for some it is worst than worse! The government has again proven on account of Mr. Arjun Singh that somewhere down the line it political interests matters more than the National Interests. Seems that there is an appeasement department working underground for the government headed by the honorable HRD Minister! This is not the first time when Mr. Singh has not gone against the right wind that flows to the nation to the path of right democracy.
Government can hang me if I say that acts of Mr. Singh are not only shameful but also anti-nationalist. For certain political interests he is doing all the acts that an obliged dog has to perform for his master.
I assume Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh are quite sensible in understanding the true patriotic desires of the nation. If they like to keep their eyes closed then my nation doesn’t require them. Let me be clear that my nation is not hungry of these power-savvy politicians be it the leader of opposition party Mr. Advani or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It’s the call and voice of a natural Indian. An Indian soul and soil will never allow anyone to divide the nation on the basis of cast or religion. Being a secular nation all are equal, all are the spirits of One God.
I am not against the reservation. There should be a provision in the Indian Constitution to provide equal footing to the underprivileged. But compare peers with peers, is Mr. Singh really observing this?
A country where more than 40% of the people are living below the poverty line with an annual income of roughly Rs.25000 a year can a person 450000 a year be certified as underprivileged by the government of India?
The equation is out of my intelligence!
But it is true and it is happening.
We all Indians including me again have to follow the path shown by Great Mahatma. Just publishing some advertisements in the newspapers financed by the hardworking taxpayers will not suffice. We should keep in mind that we have no right including me to voice against anyone without contributing anything to the nation literally. Even writing an article like this is just a most coward and useless act performed by an average Indian.
You will even find some more and better article on the newspaper next day.
On the path shown by Mr. Gandhi we have to prosecute a non-violent non-cooperation movement against the government. Time has come when we all need to stand up against these corrupt politicians.
The current of the so called honorable Union HRD Minister shows that they are least bothered about being an Indian first than a politician.
Our politicians have learnt a good thing from British that divide and rule. These unfortunate chaps are great in following this rule.
So my friends time has come when the entire youth has to show his strength. Dare to stare in the eyes of these power-hungry politicians. Let we make them realize that Indians are no more a dull fools. They are no more their hand-puppets!
But this is not an easy path. Just words are not enough, you need a courage and good understanding from your inner spirit. A feeling of utter devotion is required to the service of the Nation. You may have to leave your jobs, your friends may call you a dumb-fool, your family may stop you from doing this, and your financials may go in a deep black-out!
Be Ready! If you really want some change, otherwise for God’s sake stop criticizing the politicians like a favorite time pass.
If you have the will then go ahead. I am always with you just give me knock!
REACTIONS invited!

चाँद कि एक नई पौध लगाऊं!

दो तारे तोड़ के लाऊं
एक झर में उन्हें सजाऊं
सूरज से छुपा के,
चाँद कि एक नई पौध लगाऊं!

कितने ही मौसम बीतें
यह पौध तो अजर है,
डर सिर्फ़ सूरज का ही है।
बाकी तारों कि नज़र है।

सूरज को घबराहट कि,
चाँद कहीं खिल न पायें
जो ओंट कहीं झाँक लेता,
तब ख़ुद से नज़र बचाए!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The roaring spiritual lion!

Catch hold of your breath! Just seal close your lips. Let bundle your thoughts to an infinite zero. Make sure your movements are silent. If possible try to chain your heart beat too as it too can vibrate the environment and echo some unwanted decibels.
Rub your footsteps carefully that you have left behind, lest some trail should put you in some difficulty. If you walk avoid any synchronization with your mate as it can give birth to resonance. Your life is in danger!
But why? My life has no potential dangers! I have no enemies. I do practice and own good attributes that a human being should own. So what kind of danger you silly guy is talking about.
Don’t go with the literal meaning just. I meant the essence of your life is in danger. The greatness of humanity over its peers is in danger. As the day passes you are loosing the rights to be called a king in justice of the entire living society. Your insane virginity is being hackneyed by some evil powers.
You mean I would no longer be able to rule the world and I will be raped by someone!
To some extent, Yes!
But how and who the bloody hell is going to dare to even touch me?
Your own spirit my little kid!
But why the spirit has become its own enemy?
It has all right to do whatever with you and you are just powerless before the Excellency of the Holy Spirit. The holy spirits starts acting at the time when you start ignoring the inherent powers of the spirit and begin challenging it altogether. Every moment passed it develops a Horoscope of yours and writes punishments for you which you have to accept willingly of unwillingly.
Oh my God! The God should not have created this spirit. This is like we all are some living Bombs. God has made a blunder.
The so called blunder of God has saved you from the millions of unknown blunders that could have cropped up if there would have no spirit.
Each of you would have become your own GOD. The fight of the supremacies would have ruled out the rule of some single rule which is a must. Though you have now started writing your own rules and the only penalty is that you should be punished bloodlessly.
You have made your own rules and divided the entire humanity based upon color and races. You love to smell the taste of blood. You love to deny the rule of nature. You love to do brutality. You love to criticize your own brothers. You love to manipulate the truth.
You love to judge the things on the scale of violence. You see peacekeepers as a shame to masculinity. You know why all this is happening!
Beware the spiritual lion is nearing you roaring. May be the next minute you may be no more. Think if all you can’t even become a history? The lion is blind. Though his senses are quite strong He can smell your evil nature.
So be prepared before you perish!