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Sunday, October 12, 2008

a fight for right!

It was just another joyride along with my family to one of the most exotic beaches of Maharastra, Divyaagar located in the district of Raigad. I along with my brother, sister-in-law and my sweetest niece were returning from Harihreshwar and decided to spend some of the unforgettable moments at the mile long beach at Divyaagar under the sauna of the Almighty Sun. We all were so tired after a long drive from Harihareshwer to Divyaagar that we decided to have a lunch first before submerging ourselves in the waves of the splendid Indian Ocean. A MTDC resort run by one private Mumbai Based group Exotica fitted the bill as it lied just closest to the beach. Not to mention I found the beach as one of the best beaches in India comparable to famous Kovlam Beach at Kerala, which I had visited around four years back. Back at MTDC Resort the best in the beach city we ordered lunch. We preferred to have Mineral Water instead of Regular one. The food was delicious beyond expectations. We asked for the bill. The bill totaled a sum of INR 325. I scanned the bill and a sleeping Indian Citizen immediately got a catalytic pill started reacting in my blood. The Mineral Water bottle was charged for INR 25 a bottle which was INR 12 above from the MRP. You would be thinking that what strange is in this order of routine. But my dear friend it is illegal to sell any item above the Maximum retail Price. I retaliated. I felt a Gandhi inside me and did a “dandi march” deep in the depth of my heart. I asked the attendant who reluctantly referred to the manger who tried to convince me that what wrong is with me. Everywhere in the country at the star places items are sold above the MRP. I simply asked him to give me a bill mentioning the name of the brand and sign the same. The guy got a shiver from inside he immediately called his superior and talked to him on the matter. The Phone was handed over to me and I took the charge of the invisible battalion and put my simple point before the senior manager who was actually the Incharge of the Resort. He immediately smelled his malpractices and apologized me and finally I extra amount was deducted. I felt that time my heart had beats for India only. Money was not the issue it was the issue of the malpractice which we generally ignore in our routine life as the amount is not big. Though I tipped off the waiter as a gesture but something which is wrong at the moment was not acceptable to me. Later I moved to beach and gave a thought sitting amidst the neck rubbing waters of the non-ending ocean. This was a small battle which with God’s grace I had won. I had many more battles that I have to fight. I pray to God that He give me a strong and robust spirit to fight all those honestly. Signing off!

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