Monday, October 29, 2007

ड्राइव a ROVER on!

Hey,have informative fun by driving a Real Rover on Mars in Real Time,just at the click of a Mouse.I have myself tried it and it really made me mad!

So,why wait! click this link:-

You will see following window after you Log in:-

Also,You can even host a Mars Station!

So.. "desire n drive"........


Friday, October 26, 2007

आज दिवाली यही संजोती,बन प्रकाश कि बाला...

यह जो है दीवों कि सुभाषित अनुक्रमणिका,
है जलते बुज्हते करती एक जीवन सार कि संरचना,
बुजेह दीपक लगे,
मानो जैसे पुस्तक का हो पिछला पन्ना।
और वह ,अब भी जीवित स्तम्ब,
कहते कि स्वर्णिम भविष्य है अपना!

दीवों कि माला कि थी यह एक लघु परिभाषा,
झपकती निराशा से जन्मती एक मधुर अभिलाषा,
आज दिवाली यही संजोती,बन प्रकाश कि बाला,
खुद नाचती,हमें नाचती,यह जीवन एक रंगशाला।

........ अंकुर ....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The Nobel Peace Prize 2007

Interview with R.K.Pachauri...

"... there's every reason to hope that there will be some action now ..."
Telephone interview with Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), following the announcement of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, 12 October 2007. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Editor-in-Chief of
[Rajendra Pachauri] – Hello.
[Adam Smith] – Hello, this is Adam Smith from the Nobel Foundation's website.
[RP] – Yes sir.
[AS] – Is this a possible time to talk, quickly?
[RP] – Sure.
[AS] – Thank you. So, congratulations of course on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
[RP] – Thank you.
[AS] – What do you think the Nobel Peace Prize means to the IPCC?
[RP] – What do they mean to the IPCC or to the world?
[AS] – Uh, either, or both!
[RP] – I mean, for the IPCC it's really a big honour and you know it just provides an enormous amount of encouragement to all the scientists and experts who worked tirelessly to produce the reports of the panels, and I mean this is an honour that no-one could have anticipated. And as far as the world is concerned, I think it's a very clear message that climate change is extremely important. Could you just hold half a minute?
[AS] – Certainly, yes.
[RP] – Hold just half a minute.
[AS] – Of course, yes.
[RP, to unknown person] - Well they can call 15 minutes later.
[Unknown, to another telephone caller] – Can you call back in 15 minutes.
[RP] – Yeah, sorry. Yeah, I think as far as the world is concerned, I think it's a very clear signal that the Nobel Prize Committee is clearly indicating that climate change is something that needs attention. It's a serious problem, and it therefore requires urgent attention, from the world and the global community.
[AS] – And I know that your fourth Assessment Report is due out soon, but that you've already received your contributions from your working groups.
[RP] – Right.
[AS] – Do the latest findings make you more or less hopeful that, if the world does pay attention to this, we can prevent the effects of anthropogenic climate change?
[RP] – Well I think the response to the three working group reports has been totally unprecedented, far beyond my expectations and those of everybody else that's involved in the business, and therefore we expect that the synthesis report, which is due to come out next month, will also be received with a great deal of interest. And I think the result so far has been that there's an enormous amount of awareness and understanding of everything related to climate change. Not only among the public, but I would say also the world leaders. And therefore there's every reason to hope that there will be some action now on this front.
[AS] – And my last question. If individuals were to ask you what they should do to help ...
[RP] – Yes, yes.
[AS] – ... what would your message to them be?
[RP] – Well I would say two things. Firstly I think we should ponder and consider, ponder over and consider, the carbon footprint that each of our actions is producing. And I think if we create a consciousness that this world has to move towards a low carbon future, then I think it would certainly set us in a somewhat different direction from what we've been following. And secondly I think there is need for major behavioural changes, and changes in lifestyles, and I think if the public puts adequate pressure on governments then governments will frame policies, including putting a price on carbon, that will provide the right signals to the market as well for developing new technologies and being able to disseminate them on a large scale.
[AS] – OK.
[RP] – So, in general, that's what I would say.
[AS] – OK, thank you very much indeed.
[RP] – Thank you.
[AS] – Thank you for sparing the time to talk to us and once again congratulations.
[RP] – Thank you very much, thanks very much.
[AS] – Bye, bye.
[RP] – Bye.


Monday, October 15, 2007

the deadly religions...

Any religion which depicts any kind of violence will not survive for longer and if it survives somehow it will not let us survive!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Chak de India" was inspired by an Uttaranchali...

(story published on orkut)
The story of the forthcoming Hindifilm 'Chak De India' is based on an Uttarakhandisportsman. Produced under the banner of Yash RajFilms, the film is purportedly based on the life of anIndian hockey player, Mir Ranjan Negi.Negi hails from Majkhali in district Almora. He wasborn on 7 September 1958 in Jabalpur (MP). Mir ispresently serving in the Mumbai Customs. Negi donned the Indian colours for many years. But the1982 Asian Games in New Delhi totally changed his lifefor the worse. He was the goalkeeper of the Indianhockey team during the Asian Games. India faced ahumiliating 1-7 defeat against Pakistan. This was anunforgettable experience for Negi. Later in his life,Negi coached the National Women's hockey team and theteam went on to win Gold at the ManchesterCommonwealth Games. 'Chak De India', slated for release on 10 August, hasa similar storyline. Shahrukh Khan is playing the roleof the hockey coach. Mir Ranjan Negi accompanied thefilm unit to Australia to help them shoot on thehockey field. The 1982 defeat had an adverse affect on the life ofNegi as he was charged with match fixing. Yashraj Films' Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Chak de Indiadepicts the story of Negi, who was accused of takingmoney from the Pakistanis to concede goals. Althoughunsubstantiated, the allegations ensured he neverplayed for India again. Chak de India is inspired byhow Negi fought those allegations and redeemed hishonour by helping India win the men's Asian Games Goldin 1998 at Bangkok and the women's team to gold at theManchester Commonwealth Games in 2002.

Source :

sacrificing SACRIFICES...

Act of Sacrificing your Sacrifices may even double up your efforts towards achievement of Real Nirvana.


the real greatness..

Greatness is not in what "good" you have done,but it is in the patience that you follow by never disclosing it.


seeking the right vision...

Our unconscious mind always makes an virtual image of all the things,Good if you never certify it as a vision!


sadness vs happiness..

Sadness is the price that you pay for to earn Happiness!
Even Sadness doesn't come for free you have to spend Happiness..for it.


Monday, October 8, 2007


There is nothing as centpercent happiness or centpercent sadness because either works as a base for other to define it!


the most accurate balance..

World's most precise and accurate "BALANCE" lies idle under the safe possession of "Lord Of Karma".


weakest link.....

If you ever feel "chained" by some dire circumstances then look for a weakest LINK.

It is always the best technique to solve the easier problems first and then crack on the bigger ones with full confidence!


benchmarking selfnessness...

IN your full consciousness,If some one calls you from behind by your name and it least hinders your nerves even unconsciously then you are in your complete calm and have touched the heights of Selflessness.
Now you are there to serve the society as you no more differentiate yourself from others!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Human Dharma has got only one merit,that it is not inhuman because it is in human!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Einstein:An artist of Science.

One of the Einstein's Colleague Dr. Banesh Hoffman had commented that he(Einstein) was not a scientist but an artist of science.I don't know how many of you will agree with this but I fully agree with this.Being just a scientist one can ignore creativity for a while but how can an Artist afford to skip this.Creativity is just the most important ingredient to prepare the curry!
We need to take a lesson from this.This important ingredient is missing from our tastes.Our Education system has just become professional,full of nonsense approach.We just look to get a handsomely paid job.Getting the good grades is an art not full of creativity but just a load of hardwork or smartwork(for some).Time has come when we have to raise from these long set old standards and come up with new sciences and giving an all new light to the world.Creativity is the oxygen for the world to step into the future.By securing just good grades you can serve yourselves and by adding Creativity you are becoming a new fuel to take the world further!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

remembering mahatma...

Christ gave me the message,
Mahatma gave me the Method!

...King Martin Luther

Monday, October 1, 2007

the last war...

Probably the last war of world will be fought with Non-Violence!
As this war will not be for money or land,it may be for TIME!


business tip...

If you don't change yourselves with time,Time will make you Changeless!