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Monday, June 23, 2008

Celebrating First Anniversary! Thanksgiving.

HI Friends, this is the first anniversary of my blogsite. Herewith I would like to thank you for the support that you have extended by reviewing my blogs and posting your valuable comments!
I expect the same support from you further.
Thanking you in anticipation!

Warm Regards,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

the mean human mentality....

"I can write 10 good things and 100 bad things for you,but I can't do a single thing which can benefit you--that is the mean human mentality!"


"A man-made clock may stop but not the biological one".



"The biggest ever bone of contention between you and me is the word 'I'."


cue of life?

"Once in a Life-Time gives us a cue to rescue our immortal beings!"


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Monday, June 16, 2008

what the US is shy of?

This is a screen-shot from FBI website. As claimed by the US, It is well known that Osama-Bin-Laden was the primes suspect/accused behind the demolition of WTC Towers.(9/11). I was shocked to see that FBI has primarily mentioned the Crime as "MURDER OF U.S. NATIONALS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES" . Though they have accpeted the fact by mentioning "ATTACK ON A FEDERAL FACILITY RESULTING IN DEATH"?? I dont understand why the US is feeling shy of mentioning the crime in black and white? Or Osama is not behind the attack on 9/11?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the life...

"Some times life is so cheap that I figure out that at what price it has to be bought. On the other hand it becomes so costly at times that it is tough to get it sold"."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks a lot Mr.Bland!

Above is the mail I have Received from Mr.Betty Bland, President, American Society of Theosophy. My intention to upload this clip on my blogpage is to tender my respect and thanks to Mr.Betty who have shown his faith on my "Theory of Frames".

Saturday, June 7, 2008

munna and jitu...a nirvana match?

Munna a left arm spinner has thrown his ball right and he has successfully spinned-off ,Jitu towards the pavilion, the renowned batsman of the city, Balrampur. The ecstasy which is swinging inside and outside the Munna’s face and the desperate Jitu, who has been recently thrown out is what makes a story-line for me and inspires me to pen-down my thoughts on spirituality in a practical sense from a practical view-point.
While Orkutting, I came across a very generic question that what is Moksha or Nirvana? The sudden thought which clicked my mind and just wanted to share with you through this blog was that it is a state where Zero meets Infinity, where there is no place for space, it is that water which has lost its humidity, it is like that air which has lost its wavy nature or it is like that matter which has lost its density. A state when the living or non-living beings learn to live and keep calm even after loosing their basic virtues. Normally when you feel thirsty you drink water which is a natural virtue of every living being, but in the state of Nirvana you can live and remain calm if you don’t drink the water when you are thirsty or don’t take the food when you feel hungry! The magic and miracle of Nirvana.
Going back to Munna this time he has got his ball right so he is in a high tide and on the other hand Jitu on a lower tide. Vice Versa when Jitu hits a Six on Munna’s ballistic emotions things take a U-turn. Their personal ecstasies are moving like a sine wave with time. The perfect nirvana can be stated as when this wave converts into a straight-line. In other words a condition of no happiness and no desperation as well. The wavy nature is a result of one of our basic instinct which I would like to name as the “Law of Attraction and Distraction”. Every thing in not only in this world but also in the whole universe either attracts or distracts each other in some way every moment. Infact this very hidden force keeps your moods in spirits. There are defined positives and negatives set store points in this web. Munna can stretch his hands and can run out of his mood contemplations. But when someone reaches Nirvana these set store points vanishes and we start viewing the things in an unbiased way. You cover yourself with an ALL-Proof protective cover.
Now the question arises how to achieve this Nirvana? Ask the Umpire!
(Don’t worry I will also discuss this till Munna takes another wicket)


Thursday, June 5, 2008

जागो इंडिया जागो...

the article clearly shows that now the super-powers (not to name) of the world are focusing on african countries because it is the next resource of "poor cheap labour".those following the US should understand that we are just their hand-puppets.we need to identify and develop our individuality rather than just following them.even today's crude oil price crises has been created by them only as they don't want the third world powers (india and china) to grow at a rate of close to 9%pa.take my words the same crude oil price will decline sharply once the inflation in south-asian countries crosses/touches 10%+ because for the simple reason we are the biggest buyers of their products...."jaago india jaago"
"I don't say that we should aloof ourselves completely with the rest of the world but at the same time we should not forget that we would have to pay a heavy price in future. the moment they part their ways"..ankur
IMF, World Bank & IFI Round-Up World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick told a news conference in Rome at the High-Level Conference on World Food Security there had been considerable consensus at the meeting on what is causing today's food crisis and on what needs to be done. "The challenge now for the international community is to do it. We need action, resources and results in real time," Zoellick said. "Riots in over 30 countries, 30 million Africans who will likely fall into poverty, 100 million people worldwide who are at risk, 850 million people who are malnourished; 2 billion people who are struggling every day to put food on the table. If we cannot act now. when?" Zoellick said at the G8 meeting, "we must see progress on addressing the longer-term challenge of doubling global food production over the next 30 years. [This] requires boosting developing country agricultural products and productivity so developing countries can benefit from the growing demand for food." Finance ministers from the G8 countries are likely to announce next week a joint initiative to develop bond markets in Africa with the goal of spurring Africa's economic growth by luring investment to the resource-rich continent, Dow Jones reports government officials from a G8 country said June 4. Finance ministers from the G8 will unveil the African bond market initiative when they meet in Osaka, western Japan on June 13-14, the officials said. The G8 plan is partly modeled on an initiative launched in Asia in 2003 to grow bond markets there, the officials said. But the African project will focus more on how to attract foreign investment because the continent has far less savings of its own than Asia, they said. In addition to bond markets, the G8 finance heads are likely to unveil a plan to better develop the overall African financial system to make it easier for small African companies to get loans from banks, they said. Improving African's transportation systems and rules over land tenure will be also part of their efforts. South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said a forecast by the African Development Bank that Africa's economy will expand 5.9 percent this year is probably an underestimate, Bloomberg reports. Rising commodity prices and better economic management in African countries will help to boost growth on the continent, Manuel said in a speech at the World Economic Forum conference in Cape Town. Investment into countries such as South Africa, the world's biggest gold and platinum producer, and Zambia, Africa's largest copper producer, has gained as metal prices climbed to records, fueled by demand from China and India. The AfDB said in a May report growth in Africa will exceed 5 percent in 2008 for a fifth consecutive year. "The outlook in Africa is exceedingly bright," Manuel said. "The Bank's forecast of 5.9 percent growth may be underestimated. Africa is a good place right now." Afghanistan needs to focus on spending international aid more effectively to ensure the war-torn country's economic development, the World Bank and IMF said in a joint report June 3. The multilateral organizations gave their qualified backing to the Afghan government's five-year National Development Strategy, which will be presented to international donors meeting in Paris on June 12, Dow Jones reports. "The strategy provides in many respects a reasonable basis for Afghanistan to move forward in addressing the difficult development challenges it faces," said Alastair McKechnie, Director of the World Bank's Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries Group, in a statement. "While there is a need for greater investment in Afghanistan, we need to look beyond the size of the overall resource envelope and focus carefully on how this aid is spent and on how to increase the ability of the Government to spend it effectively in a way that produces demonstrable development results." The Islamic Development Bank has earmarked USD 1.5 billion to the least developed Muslim countries to boost food security over five years, Bahrain's Finance Minister said on June 2. "The board of governors has approved the five-year program to help reach food security in the least developed member states," Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammad al-Khalifa told an annual Islamic Development Bank governors' meeting in Jeddah. United Nations officials hailed the USD 1.5 billion donation as a significant boost to their efforts to address the global food crisis, though they acknowledged that much more money is required. UN officials say the food crisis could cost USD 15-30 billion a year to resolve. Lenders making small loans to poor people in developing countries should be subject to regulation to prevent abusive practices, according to the World Bank. The International Finance Corporation (IFC)'s "responsible microfinance initiative" follows growing concern about the high rates charged by some lenders and comes amid fears rising food prices could hamper poor people's ability to repay debts. The IFC plans to develop these principles in partnership with financial institutions and in consultation with a consortium of public and private development agencies. In an interview with the Financial Times (UK), the IFC's Executive Vice President Lars Thunell explains that "in addition to defining a set of prohibited practices - including a ban on the use of violence to coerce poor people to repay their debts - these principles are likely to include a commitment to education and an emphasis on disclosure and transparency, enabling borrowers to better compare interest rates."