Sunday, July 27, 2008

What is more shameful Bangalore, Ahmedabad OR?

Ahmedabad succeeded Bangalore in an unexpected way. But there was one similarity between the two successive blasts which may interest a numerologist for sure. Think beyond the poor bicycles and gelatin rods! Got it or Are you still poking your nose....Well, it is the number 8! Bangalore was shaken by 8 bombs though Ahmedabad faced 17 (1+7=8). Infact in Jaipur too 8 bombs were blasted some months back. This is not a man-matched figure though it is a figure decided by God. How?The miscreants had planted more number of bombs than it actually blasted! So,is this figure 8 writing the panic year for India. In Numerology this figure eight has some special characteristics. The number is the sum of two fours. Because of this reason the number dwindles between highs and lows. The places, people and points attached to this number either see a lots of highs, if they are fortunate enough or they have to burn their fingers if they are not the lucky souls.You take it(similarity) as a joke or whatever you have all rights as even I take this as a mere coincidence as coincidences just do fall in some high level band of unknown sciences. No comments!I was planning to pen-down the article after the bangalore blasts as I was wailing from inside but due to some unavoidable circumstances I could not write one. The next day it further intentified my feelings as I switched on the television in the evening to get updates on the bangalore blast. I was terrified with the kind of updates. I heard the interviews of Advani, Modi and our PM very cautiously though nothing substantial I did found as on the expected lines. But I was more surprised that our central defence minister was absent from the scene as though he was least bothered ? I feel that the defence minister is equally responsible for the failure.I would like to quote the example of USA. Today USA and its citizens are on the top of the hit list of top of the topmost Jehadi Group across the world. It did suffer hundreds of lives in the WTC collapse. But since 11 sep 2001 to till date the country has never seen any substantial terror attack. Though the chances were more post Iraq war and the subsequent hanging of Saddam-Hussain.The simple reason is that America had really taken some lessons from the unfortunate episode and had acted accordingly.I dont understand how many lessons we Indians have to take. Mumbai, Benaras, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Bangalore and now Ahmedabad. I sometimes feel scared of switching on the television. Is putting the metros on high alerts post blasts solves the purpose?Everyone knows that how porous our borders are. There is a almost free entry from Bangaladesh, Nepal and certain Coastal Shipyards. We can easily locate bangladesi mohallas in the metros. Do the police ever bothered to check their passports? Do we have the data that how many foreigners are staying in our land and if we know how pro-active we are in deporting them off to their countries after their visa period is over. (Special mention for Shri Raj Thackeryji that please focus more on how many untraced and unwanted foreigners are staying in our land rather than wasting his precious time in tracing UPites and Biharis staying in Maharastra, if he really wants to serve the nation!)These people are the real nuisance creator and must be dumped off. Also the people who are so called guarding our borders some of them who brought this nuisance home for a paltry some of 50 or 100 rupees must be put to justice.India is no more a dharamshala now our neighbours must understand it clear. Allow only people whose purpose and period of stay is known.We say we have learnt from the western people. yes we have learnt how to enjoy in late night parties and make fun of others. But do you know yearly thousands of Indians are deported back to India by them for illegal immigration and they are absolutely right. Even Gujarat CM was denied visa twice, why? Can we Indians borrow some honesty and courage from them so that we can make our India a terror free nation. Remember how Lala Lajpat Rai had lost his life in a bid to oppose the entry of Simon in the lands on India. I feel that these terrorists are mostly imported Simons and must be barred from entering into India.It must be a shameful moments for the state as well as for the central government. It is quite obvious that terrorists are shameless and cruel but where do you rate our politicians wrt these anti-social elements?So, Jago India Jago!

Friday, July 18, 2008

BJP is not playing the role of a national party!

It is high time when the responsible youths of India should demand to snatch the tag of being a National Party from BJP. A National party may whatever come will not compromise on its national values. The party had seen no good and respectful days under the derogatory leadership of Mr. Rajnath Singh. If the Congress losses trust vote on the coming 22nd then it is more a defeat to the moral responsibilities of the BJP which are due on them as a responsible National Party. Sometimes I feel that along with communist Mr. Singh is so dumb fool that he exactly don't understand the relevance of the Nuclear Deal due to his poor IQ level. Just for the sake of opposition he is performing his duty just like a poor hare.
I would appreciate our Prime Minister for taking a tough and firm stand on the Nuclear deal. He could easily say no to the deal and let the nation live with shame across the world forever and enjoy his power for one more year. Though I never acknowledge the trustworthy ness of regional parties like SP, BSP, DMK or Shiv-Sena. These parties should be banned by the constitution of India as these parties are the birthplace of corruption. They are least bothered about the National Interersts.
Though If we talk of Congress it has also shown its weakness in the preceding four years to name a few like the episodes of Ramdoss and Arjun Singh. These reptiles should be shown an exit door.

Yesterday, someone had forwarded me a mail mentioning that how crores of people had wailed at the death of Mahatma Gandhi. But today will it really pain you if Mr. Singh, either Arjun or Rajnath dies? It is because of the reasons that these guys lacks the virtues of a true national leaders. Trust me India can very well run without these jokers! These doggies are just blockades in the success path of our nation, India.
Though in recent times Mr. Rahul Gandhi has emerged to some extent a true leader.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


"Just count the seconds you have lived or going to live, its an addiction!"



"Life is the perfect game of Bluff you always love to play knowingly or unknowingly!


look at me!

"Look at me! I am you and your past."


are u with me!

" God is with me now and I want it to be with you!"



"Future is the present tense of past in the future!"
So,How was your past? Beware O Man!


past,present and future

Present is the test of your patience,
Future is the test of your ability,
And past is the test of your endurance!


what God says!

O my beloved beings! Live the life of a stranger, I am with you.



Star-Gazing is the best and free of cost method to relax your mind after the hectic day. Its a God's free gift to you! Please do utilise it and enlighten yourself. Trust me great ideas will come to you automatically!


main kya hun

तुम बुरा चाहो,
तौ क्या होगा?
मैं क्या हूँ,
वोह मेरा होगा!

बात में शंब्द न हो,
काट मैं खून न हो,
मैं क्या हूँ,
खून तौ मेरा hi होगा!

आत्मा मैं विश्वास न हो,
आइना आस-पास न हो,
मैं क्या हूँ,
वक्त मेरा ही होगा!

काश की तुम न हो,
पर हो तौ तुम ही हो,
मैं क्या हूँ,
में एक मेरा ही होगा!



"Life do some moderate changes itself, to which you are not intimated but you are intimated of the cause in your inner consciousness!"


Dream good!

I sometimes feel that there exists a possibility that we all live in a state of dream! You know how, when we sleep and dream we feel ourselves there in reality, Is not that? Yes, the time frame of the dream that we see and realise lasts for hardly for some hours. Can't we think and explore a possibility that we live in a dream which lasts a bit longer on a time-frame for the life that we live. Thinking this way has lots of positives!
Well, when we open up our eyes in the morning we forget and ignore the dreams as a whim, so why sud not we take this life as a dream or a whim.
This way I don't suggest you to leave working in your spirits. But such thinking will lead you to a more relaxed and tension free life as everything what we are doing is actually happening in a dream.
My father, my mother, my brother my whole family is a character!
While dreaming we imagine some characters which in real life we don't give any weight.
So, take this real life just as a dream, think that we are just a character of some dream, of course some one's dream!

dying of fear.......

" I you die of fear,then are you not a coward or what?"


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a different definition of Concentration!

"Moving from one point to another point just does not signify a movement rather it tells that you had made a successful attempt to concentrate."


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

failure is good!

"I become happier whenever I fail, because this failure leads me to a success that is in store for me in future. The only thing that I should not avoid is that to keep on working hard."