Saturday, September 29, 2007

a cricket stadium..

An innovative mind hits sixes while stadium lights are on:
While an inventive mind has to hit sixes when the lights have been turned off!
(in a night long one day cricket match)


Friday, September 28, 2007

Constant speed is probably not constant!

Newton had said:- “An object will continue to move with a constant speed or will lay at rest unless some external force is applied to it.”

I do agree with this law but it’s not complete: I would write it this way.
“An object will continue to move with a constant speed or will lay at rest unless some external force is applied to it, as visualized under specified measurable timeline”

Let us understand this with an example:-

There is a long pipe of Length L with see through holes lying at equal distances of x.

Let a Ball is thrown with a velocity v inside the tube from point A. The moment of the ball can be seen through the equi-distant holes placed at pt. A1, A2, A3 etc. After the ball is thrown after time t1,the observer notices the that the ball passes from point A1 at a speed of v (initial speed) .After time 2t1 he notices that the ball passes through point A2 with a speed of v(initial speed).Similar way he notices that the speed is unchanged at each of the see through holes and at last the ball leaves the pipe with a speed of v(initial speed).So, the observes declares that the ball has moved with a constant speed v inside the pipe. This is one frame of reference. Do you too agree that the speed remained constant?
Most of you will answer in positive YES. But I can prove that it can be a NO also! How?
Let the ball is moving with a speed of 10m/sec and x be 10 m.
So, distance=velocity*time

So, t1=1 sec.
We can write the equation as:-
Lets assume that for the first 5 meters it travels with a speed of 20m/sec.
t1(first)=.25 sec.
so,required speed in t2(second)=.75 seconds.

=6.66 m/sec.
So, if the ball travels the first half the distance with a speed of 20m/sec and it covers second half with a speed of 6.66m/sec the overall the ball moves with a distance of 10 meters with a speed of 10 m/sec.
Similar way there can be thousands of combinations of the speed. So, observer can’t say with 100% truth that the ball was moving with a constant speed. Yes, constant speed is just one of the thousands possibilities. So, what the observer said was a prediction or an assumption!

We know that we see the things in frames like a movie. Probably we see a frame in 1/50th of a sec. If in this each of the 1/50 sec time intervals we observe a thing moving with a constant velocity then it may not be true! Compare these time intervals with above equally placed see through holes. You never know that what had happened in the 1/70th sec of a second. Velocity can be different in that frame.
Distance =Velocity * Time

So,to keep the distance and time constant velocity and time can reframe themselves in different combinations.


so, D is constant and T =t1+t2+t3+…+tn is also constant.

The theory attack most is on the speed of light. Just using the formulae noting speed and time for a minimum measurable timeline does not mean that it would be the same speed in non measurable timeline. It is not same,means that speed can be more or less than perceived in our measurable time line. So, it can never be denied that speed of light can’t be more than 3*10 m/sec(c). And if speed of light is more than c than things can also move with a speed more than c at least momentarily.
Constancy of Energy can also be defined in a similar fashion.

I feel this concept has the potential to change the way we visualize the things!First victim is Newton’s’ law.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

kill your self!

Better kill your SELF now to save yourselves!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

heights or no heights...

Life is a hell for those:
who thinks hills have got a height!


scatter the extra ink...

Scatter the Extra Ink on your past:

If you wish to write a successful future,

Otherwise it will left an indelible spot on your present,to carry!


Mind is Indelible....

You require no INK to write on the mind-scape.
So,delibility is out of purview!


mind..a rough sheet!

A Mind is the First rough-sheet to write Inventions.

For Innovations use the older ones!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Industan Chaks..

"India has not only chaked on the grounds of SA by winning t-20 championship,but also,there are some more heroes who are chaking some other way"
Sreesanth chaking by a Maiden over and Dr.Khurana chaking by Medicine"
Indian-born Australian Doctor Performs Path-breaking Brain Surgery
By Neena BhandariSydney
Indian-born Australian doctor Vini Gautam Khurana and his team at Canberra Hospital have performed the world's first awake brain keyhole surgery to remove a life-threatening aneurysm or a large blister from a patient's brain."We believe it is the first time that this kind of aneurysm and malformation have been shut down through a keyhole approach in an awake patient assisted by cutting-edge technology," said Khurana after operating on a 77-year-old man suffering malformation in a major vein in his brain, behind his right eye, that was impairing his vision. Khurana said the keyhole surgery, performed through a 1.5cm hole drilled into the patient's skull with the patient comfortably awake during the critical parts of the surgery, was so successful that the patient was able to leave the hospital within a few days with a marked improvement in his vision."We had rehearsed the surgical approach using specialist imaging software to understand the anatomy of the malformation and their relationship to the skull base," said Khurana.US-trained Khurana, who migrated to Australia in 1973, belongs to a family of doctors. Both his parents were doctors and his brother is a Fulbright scholar at Harvard studying Neurology."I was two-and-half years old, when we migrated to Australia, but our roots are very much Indian and we have strong links back home. I am looking forward to more interaction with premier Indian hospitals like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. My parents were trained at AIIMS"."We have started an Awake Brain Surgery Programme for high risk vascular and tumour conditions of the brain following the success of the surgery," said Khurana, who is a staff specialist neurosurgeon at the Canberra Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurosurgery for Australian National University Medical School."We've also applied for permission to conduct surgery and teach at the Saibaba Charitable hospital in Bangalore", said Khurana,
IANS September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why practice Non-Violence? A Logic!

An Omen perceived as Bad by us,may be sowing the seeds of Love for others.So,how will you define him in both the references?Better leave his destiny in the hands of GOD(nature),because only He can visualise the things in totality and make a decision.Remember man,you had just cut a small pie of the entire Universe which is not a totality.There are crores of events that happens every passing moment in this looks so empty Universe.For sure, every event is an outcome of some other event happened in the past or will happen in the future.So,an event happened just now,before you eyes,you never know it is for good or bad.A Tsunami killing thousands,an epidemic creating hell or you have been blessed with a child!Put patience on you hearts and don't take extreme steps of making joy or cursing the other.Simply because you don't know that what had happened is a bane or a boon?Those who views events in Totality are the ultimate Judges.They understand the reason and result of an event.Only they are the perfect and right guys to write a destiny.If you, relatively illiterate human beings, ever try to categorise events as good or bad may possibly end up in mess.Through this I want to send a message to those violence breeders,the violence that comes after you feel humiliated in an ill way,may not be doing justice with right things as they don't know that whether this so-called humiliation is for good or bad.Confused!Lord Rama had killed Ravana.It was a humiliation for Ravana,but in totality was it for bad?So,I hope you agree with me that it is unwise to take law in your hands and possibly committing crime.Nature is there, doing its duty religiously.You just concentrate on you routine task.If you are a doctor,treat patients,if you are an engineer develop technologies or if you are a saint then keep alive an urge to learn sampoorna gyan.Let the pressure cooker cook the curry for you,don't ever try to watch inside it when it is still on the fire.Not to mention,what will happen next!Violence is like a allopathic medicine which may even burn you in painful ulcers rather a Non-Violence dharma is like a Homeopathic Science which believes in a long term healing with no cuts and blood ,ofcourse!
So,man just keep a cool attitude and always love each-other and sadaiv practice Non-Violence!


Imagination on Logics!

A Logic is dependent on finite parameters,

Rather an Imagination is dependent on Infinite Logics,mostly undiscovered!


Non-Violence..the only dharma!Review your faiths..

If we perform an act which in any means is influenced by Violence in the state of even a thin consciousness,for the sake of good or bad cause,it will be accounted as an interference in the smooth working of God of all gods ie Nature and will be dealt with punishment.

In recent times somewhere in the state Bihar people had rugged up a thief taking law into their hands.Some supported this move and some viewed it as a disgusting incident.Although junta had done this out of the need to stop evil powers to rule the society.It is not a fresh story.In Hinduism Lord Rama had done with Ravana,Lord Krishna had done with Kansa and much more.

So,what difference is between these cruel biharis and Lord Rama?Since childhood we are rained with stories of mighty gods who had killed some danava,escalating evil spirits.I feel the same has been embossed on our character,on our innocent subconscious minds,permanently.Jainism and Buddhism adore any kind of violence!Why there is a special berth for violence in the Hindu Express?How can we ignorant beings can decide that what is right or wrong?By committing violence we are just trying to out-throne the greatest GOD ie the GOD of Nature.If someone is really wrong then rather than we getting impatient and committing crime,we should show high level of patience and let GOD (Nature) do his work.

It is nothing wrong if we imbibe some good virtues of other dharma and mend ours as the time advances.Also there is no point in criticising muslims for their so-called violent attitude when we have the same piece of pie in our kitty too!We should try to become a good man,a man full of love who wears,walks and wishes a full Non-Violent life-style.Let me share a story with you which speaks of heights of Non-Violence Nature.

Violence in whatever form be it physical or mental is wrong!Mahavir ji wanted to renounce the world.But this might hurt the feelings of his parents,which could be a non-violent deed.So,he didn't renounced the world till his parents had been renounced from the world.

If you are a believer of any religion then don't believe it as it is.Don't blind your eyes to knee down under the faith that has been taught to you.Eat only a diet which you feel good for you and which you can digest because any foreign element will only impure your body and will create troubles.Vivekananda had changed his dharma once or twice.He had said that convince your minds and souls first before accepting any faith.If someone seeking a good cause ,forces his faith on you is again a violence.Like Aurangjeb! he had forced people to adopt Islam.He was right in his views as he felt that only Islam was the best Religion and wanted others to follow the same.Now how do you justify Aurangjeb?

"Jis Hindu ka khoon na Khaule,Khoon nahi woh pani hai" people were chanting this in 90's,even I did.The hindu leaders had pious cause of building the Ram temple with a tool of violence.Had we not become Aurangjebs of E-era!

In a Nutshell,time has come when we need to review ourselves and our faiths again(are we not trying to digest any foreign element?) and establish a structure with the concrete of Non-Violence following Zero-Tolerance norms.


Logic applied iIlogically..

A Logic applied illogically can even land up to become a fruitful Imagination.

and imagination gives birth to inventions or new logics.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Language of Unconsciousness...

With the advancement of Science we try to decode Unconscious mind and define it in terms ,which can be easily understood by the conscious mind.

Infact,the entire knowledge can be categorised as conscious or unconscious stuff.But with the level of understanding that we posses today,it is not possible to do the exact categorisation.

For example what we see from our naked eyes like Glass,Fan etc. can be categorised as a conscious stuff and various unnamed imaginations that we see during ecstasy,dream or in a special state of mind can be characterised as unconscious stuff.

Also,we have a full understanding of the linguistic sciences for the conscious stuff.But think can we ever develop a new linguistic science for the unconscious stuff.I call it "Language of Unconsciousness"

plz contribute..


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Decoding Nokia!

How Good is your Mobile?

Press the following on your mobile *#06# and the-international mobileequipment identity number appears। Then check the 7th and 8th numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
th th

IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 02 or 20 this means your cell phone wasassembled in Emirates which is very Bad qualityIF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 08 or 80 this means your cell phone wasmanufactured in Germany which is fair कुअलिटी
IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 01 or 10 this means your cell phone wasmanufactured in Finland which is very Good
IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 00 this means your cell phone wasmanufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile quality.
IF the Seventh & Eighth digits are 13 this means your cell phone wasassembled in Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and also dangerous foryour health

I checked this for my N70.Luckily I have got the best one!:-)
Try for yours...

*source of information not authenticated.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

कुठे अपिल आणि तक्रारी करा ??

क्या एक नयी कब्र खोदने का समय आ गया है????

गति मान वायु ,ज्वलनशील अग्नी और स्थिर धरातल ,कदापि चंचलता अथवा आलस से ग्रसित हो,अपनी भीषणता को दाव पर रख दे तौ कल्पना कीजिये कि यह प्रकृति किस दिशा औंधे मुह गिरेगी । कोटी-कोटी जीवंलिलाये क्षण भर मैं ही द्यूत क्रीडा के आसान से बहिष्कृत हो ,व्यंगों कि तीर सहने को बाद्य हो जाएँगी ।

हास-परिहास कि इस बेला पर मात्रा जीवन ही हसी का पात्र बनेगा। पराजित ,नग्न एवं पर-नमित यह जीवन गाथा महज प्रकृति कि छलित उदासीनता को कोस कर ही बिखरे छंदों पर शानिक मरहम लगा सकती है।

उधर प्रकृति को भी भारीपन का परिचय देते हुए अपनी इस धूमिल होती छ्वी को इतिहास बन्ने से रोकते हुए नवीन प्रसूनो से इस परिवेश को फिर से अच्छादित करना होगा।

आज मेरे रास्त्र मैं फिर पतझर का मौसम छाया है। रास्त्र रूपी उद्यान के माली विलास्ता के दल-दली प्रवास मैं है.या कहीँ विलासता के इस मौखोते के पीछे कोई और दानव तौ सांस नही भर रहा ?

कुछ भी हो, इस माटी के पुष्प मुरज्हा रहे है .हाँ कुछ काटें अभी जीवित से लगते है .उन्ही काटों कि चुभन मैं आपको चोभोना चाहता हूँ। अगर आपको मात्र भर भी कष्ट हुआ तौ निश्चित सुशुप्त दोगुले प्रांगन मैं कुछ सजीव कोपले बची है। जुडे ! हम स्वयम इस उद्यान का स्वामित्व ले इन दुबकी kopalon को ढूँढ निकाल ,सजीवता रंगों से ,यहीं, पुनः एक होली खेले ।

पर पहले आपको जगा तौ लूँ:-

भारत के अग्रणी राज्य होने का दम भरने वाले महारास्त्र के "राज्य माहिती आयोग" कि वेबसाइट पर जरा जाये।
वहाँ आपको एक एक कब्रिस्तान का सा अनुभव होगा। हाँ एक मंत्री महोदय जो शायद यहाँ के रखवाले है "सॉरी फ़ॉर इन्कोन्वेनिएंस" का खेदजनक बोर्ड हर चिन्हित कब्र पर लगाते हुए जरुर दिख जायेंगे।
जरा देखे :-

आब क्या करना चाहियें....क्या एक नयी कब्र खोदने का समय आ गया है????

Monday, September 17, 2007

“An idea can change your life”

“An idea can change your life”


“Choosing Business is like picking sweet melons, so be careful!”

SOME WEEKS BACK I was discussing with one of the upcoming builders about their strategy to get handsome Return on Investment (ROI), then he said and which is quite obvious also that they buy the property where the city ends. At the time investment is low, availability of land is also not a problem and with the city’s growth it will be a definite treasure hunt in the future.
Same way pick a business area where there is no prevailing competition, but be sure with a proper, correct and thorough study that it is going to be the future product of the market.
You need to feel the pulse of the bazaar, of the people who are running it. Let me clarify it with an example, today telecommunication sector in India is growing with its full pace, the business is very profitable and there is a big market ahead too, to be captured but today as an Infant Investor will it make sense for me to invest in this luring sector and earn good profits easily. My answer will be a 100% no. Why?
first it has already become a highly competitive market with many Big B’s already in the game like TATA, RELIANCE ,BHARTI to name a few, already hitting centuries.
Second to overcome them you need to put quite a big investment because today it boasts of millions of subscribers.
Third as the metro cities have already been oversaturated so the next new markets will be the rural India which in itself is a big challenge to cover?
Operating margins have gone quite low, so it makes ur investment even more risky.
And last but not the least lack of brand awareness and experience.
So with all these negatives do you still think to enter in such a mandi.Ya, you have a passion then be bold and look for some takeovers or mergers. Then it is for sure that you are in absolutely no problem buddy but for that you will have to pay some very BIG bucks.
Now you might be in thoughts THEN WHAT ELSE.
Some days back while surfing and my eyes tucked to one very unique product of its nature.”IGLOW”, yes the name of the probable new revolution which can return good profits on your investment.Actually, it is a florescent GEL and is applied on the hairs which make them glow in the night. I feel it is a promising product for Indian Market still to be launched. The target customers would be fashion charmers who love to go to the parties, who wish to look different and unique. This is just a small example to start with.

Still in a dilemma?

I have a solution! Just read on…
Share with me, which Newspaper you read daily! May be Times of India, Hindustan Times or Amar Ujala? Then Which magazine Reader’s Digest or Sarita?
Decided! Have you noticed one thing common in most of them? A weekly column in the name of either “Sex and City”, “Uljhan”,”Ask me” or “Answer by Mr.X, a renowned Sexologist “etc. Here they answer specific queries related to Sex of their readers. And I have seen people who eagerly wait for this weekend special through out the week and sometimes expect that this column should be a bit longer and more stretched. One funny point to observe is that everyone reads in keenly but nobody talks this in public. I don’t know why, may be a social stigma. I appreciate “India TV”, an Indian News Channel for boldly coming out open and discussing in a program named “India Bole” which has become very famous in a very short time. They have Taken the topics like “How to change your Sex”,” What your Partner Wants” etc. that interests the public a lot.
I feel no obscenity here (some may object) as this a way we are imparting Sex Education where our country is far behind than its counterparts. People have wrong myths and they get easily trapped by Road Side Tantriks and Babas who promises to make their sex lives more colorful and energetic. Everyone gets into this trap; he may be a Net Savvy 10 Year old school going kid or a 60 Year old retired man. The kid surfs the porn sites with a intention to know what sex is all about. Please don’t expect him to surf and understand a pure medical site. At the same time the man in 60ies is worried for his fading sex life. So they all find some way to get their query solved. May be this way or that way.
So don’t you feel that it is a big idea for business to start with? Target segment is 10 to 60 year old people. And your product will be Imparting Sex Education through Website.
Is this a bad idea if a site names answers the queries of the users online through chat? Say I am girl aged 16 and I am not getting my periods regularly and I am worried. What all options I am left with:-
To Consult a gynecologist (Hesitation)
To share it with my friend (How updated and correct will be her knowledge, God knows)
Write to the Weekly Columns. ( Will your query be answered ,chances are very thin)
Wait for a TV program like India Bole ( Here one has to be good and patient enough in the art of Redialing)
Break my heads reading and trying to understand big Medical Volumes(Better I become a Doctor)
Others options ( not to be mentioned)
So, what I will do then! Who is there to help me! Technology! Yes, with the help of technology my query can be answered. I wish there would be some website where I could chat with a Medical Professional on my problems. Or a helpline no will do!
Here is the big opportunity waiting for you, so spread your hands. Design a Website supported with a Free Helpline No. where one can consult a Doctor or a Medical Professional on Live Chat for absolutely no cost.
What It will Interest me:-

1. My Privacy
2.24X7 Service
3. Right and Timely Advice
4. If the problem is grave, then whom to Contact.

5. All for Free!

I emphasize again it should be absolutely free. Looks crazy. They Please take time to read the “The Google Story” by David A. Vise. Google offered their services for free when they had started .And Brin and Larry, the founders had to really break nuts till they got their financier.Actually whenever They had tried to explain their concept the some money lender, they were faced by one question that where were they going to earn money by their business model. Why didn’t they tag price to their searches. They resisted as they wanted to increase their hit rate first. They succeeded and now thinking of Internet without Google is a Dream. The googlers have done it, then why not you!
Increasing the Hit Rate for your website should be the main objective. Once the Hit Rate increases you charge a premium, whatever you want from your advertisers. Who stops you then!
Even I feel selling this idea to Google .They will definitely start a new website like or more prudent may be Same like Google Earth.
I further suggest Google to develop a website as
All the free services should be included under it as:

These are the new ventures the Google should look into. Well until they start, sky is for you to be captured.

The website should display following features:-

Online Chat
A) Public Chat
B) Private Chat
Doctors Contact No/Addresses

It has a huge potential for earning. The hosts can attract advertisements from various companies.

1. Hospitals
2. Pharmaceutical Companies
3. Doctors
4. Other related products

This will become an exclusive identified portal for people’s sex problems. Nothing wrong in giving it a try!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

आसन EXPOSED :what a mockery?

One day one of my father friends brought an expensive toy to his 3 year old son to play with. The father and the son were both happy .Father has fulfilled the son’s need and the son had got yet another gift from his father. Me and My friend were both on the lunch table and were discussing how the USA had been patenting our arts of YOGA, a natural and spiritual way to live a healthy life. Suddenly there was a big sound. The little chap had broken the recently gifted toy. But luckily the life of the toy was not over yet. It got a second life to be able to entertain the innocent kid. He started dissecting the toy and started playing its own way not what way it was supposed to be played. You may think that whats special in this! It’s too common. But try to think on behalf of the penny saving father and the beheaded toy! They would have never thought that the seed that they had planted will meet the end this way. The akkad-bakkad kid had literally made the mockery same way as the Americans had made of our YOGA.I happened to read an advertisement posted at one website which thrilled me from inside.
First have a look at it, you will yourself know what had alarmed my senses।

Whats this? Being an Indian have you ever heard of such type of shameless shape of Yoga? Did Baba Ramdev, the famous YOG guru never intentionally reveal this part of Yoga. Although I have a little knowledge of this subject, but in my childhood I had browsed some books on YOGA, I don’t remember I had seen such Asanas. I feel that Americans are just making a mockery of our sacred systems. Have they forgotten the moral responsibility that they should rather preserve and respect our belongings which we had offered them for free! Whatever we receive from America that comes with a price Tag. But Yoga we had given them for free! In a nutshell I would conclude that with financial powers they may easily buy patents, illegally but at the same time on moral grounds they have got no right to distort it and made a mockery of India.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Khud yu hi Khud ko Samzhaye re!

Vishwason ki Jama punji se,bikne laga Vishwas,
Suraj ki Nirmal Kirno main Durbhar hota pravas,
Neevon ki Gahrain main dhasta ab mera Itihas,
Nazron ki Nazdiki se,jab dhumil ho tera, Ahsas.

Vandan,Chandhan,Hai gujra Spandan,
AB Uddignn shan Jal-Jal gathe pal-pal,
Nirmal Vyakaran ka woh Suchir Swabhab,
Haklane ko bhi Nirbhar hai,Kaisa Tera Prabhav.

Gaganon ki lambhaiyon main,
Jo Bune the apne Aavlamb,
Ghaati ki Gahraion main,
Khada,Roku Girte Stambha.

Badal ki hi Halki Garmai,
Jo kabhi,Muzh par lahrayi thi,
Wahi Achanak,Agni Bankar,
Hai Muzko Pathraye see.

Fate Honth,ladkarayi Dwani,
Kaise Tuze Pukare re,
Mann ki Bhasha hai,Sateek Prabal,
Khud yu hi Khud ko Samzhaye re.

Incredible India..

India Powerhouse of Knowledge
With an impressive variety of history and culture, beginning since the ancient Gangetic
kingdom, India is one of the world's oldest civilizations. A continent-sized country, India
possesses an amazing wealth of sights and sounds, heritage and knowledge. From a
bustling cosmopolitan city to the tranquil countryside and beautiful beach resorts, India
has destinations, which offer an enchanting backdrop of unmatched beauty for a business
meet. Aside its marvelous sceneries, India makes a great MICE (Meetings, Incentives,
Conventions and Events) destination, with its vast numbers of highly qualified
professionals and facilities. Amongst the developing nations, India has been constantly
making stupendous progress and is the world's second largest reservoir of trained
India Powerhouse of Knowledge
Being the world's second largest reservoir of trained manpower, India has an impressive
number of 290 universities, 1500 research institutes and over 10,000 centres of higher
learning. These institutions produce more than 2 million graduates, 300,000 non -
engineering post-graduates, more than 400,000 engineers and over 10,000 Ph. D holders
every year. India is best known for her highly qualified engineers, in the world.
India an IT destination
India is fast emerging as a leading IT destination because of its expertise in information
technology and generation of top-notch technologists. In 2005, India accounted for more
than 80 percent of outsourcing software development and BPO business from all over the
world especially from United States and Europe. India has emerged as the major supplies
of software and information technology goods and services. While growth in the IT and
product sector remains strong, the fastest growing segment is IT service and business
process outsourcing, which includes call centers billing and payment services and
technical and customer support.
Fascinating India
India has 28 UNESCO world heritage sites and is fast becoming a favorite destination for
individual travelers according to a survey conducted by Lonely Planet, an Australian
travel guide. India ranked second in the list of 10 popular destinations for individual
travelers after Australia. The United States ranked third and Japan fourth.
Other credible ranking includes:
Conde Nast Travellers, the world's leading travel and tourism journal has ranked India
amongst the top 4 preferred holiday destination of the world.
ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) has ranked India as No. 1 amongst top 50
places for 2006.
India's hotspots:
1) The most romantic meal on the floating market in Dal Lake, Kashmir, India
2) The best beaches you can find - Havalok Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands in
3) The best place to indulge in pleasure - the Green Hotel in Mysore
4) The best urban oasis - Lodhi Garden, New Delhi, India, according to Time Magazine
Health & Wellness Destination
India earned reputation as a health destination in recent year. India has built a reputation
as a 'wellness destination' - a place to visit to soothe and pamper the mind and body - but
it is increasingly drawing travelers seeking to quench an appetite for healthy life. People
are getting well aware that India offers world class medical treatments and facilities at
extremely low rates as compared to developed countries. For instance, American
corporate companies are looking to India for medical treatment for its employee. India is
the natural choice as many American companies have a regional head office there. Apart
from the US, the UK, Europe and other countries are looking to India as a major
healthcare destination.
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Leaving Good for Better is no Sacrifice,rather if you disown the "Best"!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

height of perfection...

Those who wish, perfection even in death,

Always lives a Perfect Life!


Nallah (drain) of love..

The Nallah (drain) of love flows through my eyes,

Whenever your love OVERFLOWS for someone else!



Mohabbat-e-Falak,jab se nazaron main paka hai,

Pal khojta hun,Palak phadkane ko!


live dreams...

Life lives the dreams,

for those who keeps their

Dreams Alive!


window of conscience...

A Dream can even,suck you to a Humanly Death,

If you can't see the rays of consciousness,

from the window of conscience.


newton's law-my way :-)

An Object will fall to a maximum distance,
Till,effect of gravity is overpowered by other forces!


webby thoughts...

CREATION is like a thoughtful web,weaved in a certain fashion.

One could weave only a tiny portion of it, at a time.

Weaving a bigger one,is HYPER-IMAGINATION,

And,weaving the whole is beyond imagination,as of now!


pumping thoughts..

Often,certain things when re-thought,pumps water from the same field but from a new location.

If re-created,if may suck no water at all or may be something else!



Life is short but not thin,

If you are thick of woes.

Life is thin and not short,

If you glue a hope with hopes!


power play of seconds....

Kabira had once said:

Jahan Kaam aave sui,Kya Kare Talwari!

Very True:-
But with change of Time I define it in this way:-

"Sometimes,Minutes carry more load than pity hours and seconds carry more loads than pity minutes as initiation of any afresh event taken only a second (measurable)".


innovation vs invention-1

Logic leads you to Innovation.
Imagination leads you to Invention.


China Issues New Rules on Reincarnation :Funny or??

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has already said that he will not be reborn in an are under Chinese control. How does he know this? "Logically," he says, "the previous life escaped from Chinese hands so the next life should also be out of Chinese control." That might strike some as a little silly, but far from laughing, the People's Republic recently issued a proclamation banning tulkus from reincarnating without government permission. Now that is surely totalitarianism at its best, right up there with Stalin telling Lenin's widow, "If you can't behave, we'll find Lenin a new widow."

Invention Vs. Innovation...

Sometimes,Invention acts as a check for Innovation of earlier Inventions.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Bribe or a Convenience Tax

Raja Ram Mohan Rai gave us the freedom from Sati Pratha.
Gandhi gave us the freedom from British.
Nehru gave us the freedom from technological ignorance.
Ambedkar gave us the freedom from social injustice to Dalits.
Indira gave us the freedom from foreign threats through Nuclear Tests at Pokaharan.
We have got the freedom from poverty too to a larger extent.
And we have numerous freedom Gathas to speak for.
But do you think that are you Azad?
Probably not, because we still are a slave of Bribery. .
This is one among the social problems that needs to be addressed on war foot. It is like a cancer which if unchecked can take one’s life too. It is a major obstacle in the growth path of any nation.
We have seen numerous moments in our golden history. Starting from Freedom Moment to Harit Kranti to Shwet Kranti to Ayodhya Kranti to recent Nuclear Kranti. But why no major Kranti had hit the roads against corruption till date. I tried to find out the reason and I am too much convinced of my answer too. The basic reason is that we want to live our life conveniently and to ensure this apart from other taxes we pay like Income Tax, Service Tax etc. we feel no shame in paying bribe or what I say a “Convenience Tax”.
This tax is payable head or tail .It means it is to be paid whether Fault is yours or no fault of yours. Say if you are over-speeding your bike and you over-run the red lights then the best, cheapest and convenient way to escape is to pay this tax. In this situation you had committed a mistake so no doubt you come under this nasty tax-net. But when you are innocent then again you fall pray. How?
Recently I got a chance to visit the famous Hindu Shrine, located in the pleasant valley of Himalayas in so called India’s Heaven Jammu and Kashmir, Maa Vaishno Devi. Mid-way, my soul was full of sacred and goody-goody feelings. I was worshipping god in my heart. With full devotion and innocent heart I was heading to the darbar, as Mataji had called me! But suddenly somewhere 10 km before Jammu a Policewala waived his hand to stop my Indica. I thought it as a usual checking as J&K is a terrorism hit state. My Driver, Bunty drove the car to the side and switched off the ignition. Now the usual interrogation started. Policewala “Kahan jaa rahe ho?” Bunty “Sahab mata ke darshan karne jaa rahe hai, Vaishno Devi”. The cop was not convinced; he further asked “Peeche baitha aadmi (me) kaun hai?” Bunty “Sahab , hamare sahib hai.” He peeped through the window and put a devil’s sight on me. I seemed to be a non-violent stuff to him so he did not dare to disturb me. I remained mum too, thinking it is a usual stuff and the driver is well equipped to handle such situation. But this was not end of the interrogation. Infact for a moment I felt proud that how alert are our jawaans.
I sensed an urge to get off the car and salute their spirits at the moment. With such sincerity to the duty of our cops -who can dare to think of disrupting peace in the valley? The khakhiclad chap ordered to show the dickey to him. The driver alighted and as he was just going to open the back door, then my jawaan in high spirits stopped him and asked shamelessly “kuch chai-pani dedo”.I was a first-timer to the land of Jammu and I had big image of cops posted there in my mind. Since childhood I have respected them in high spirits. But soon this building collapsed as a major-earthquake of mean thoughts has hit the city of “Sevaks of patriotism”. The water has just become sour. The shameful incident had shaken my whole body that how much trusted these eunuchs are? Later I came to know that the deal nick-named as Chaai-Pani cost us Rs.50.
After this the entire Bhatki-Bhavna inside me smoked-off at an instant with ideas of revolution replacing them. I was undecided that weather we have purchased the freedom for Rs. 50 or sold it for this meager sum. The freedom for which Gandhiji, just for a pinch of salt had traveled 500 miles on foot in scorching heat. The freedom which Americans have tried to buy after each Pokharan. The freedom which Brave Indian army had snatched from the nasty hands of Pakistan at Kargil and marking a place in History. The thoughts took me in messy intra-dialogue. Myself and Bunty both added their worries in the curry that we were forced to cook and we were arranging items for it in that scary night. The curry acted as a “Food for Thought” for us.
As we traveled the road the curry became hot-red. We have taken a resolution that from now-on we will not sell our freedom. Because a country can only be called free when its people enjoy freedom. Freedom of Individual. A freedom is always under attack from External and Internal elements and it’s a continuous fight that everyone has to live with. The moment you feel scared and dull, then it is for sure that not only your present but also you future is at stake. For this you should have enough inner courage. You need to shape up your muscles by regularly exercising in the gymnasium of moral dharma. Appear and re-appear in the power-test of your self-conscience. Evaluate yourself from each angle and refill it with new zest if needed. The perfect example I would like to quote is of a normal, commonly seen seasonal mosquitoes. Till they die they never let you sleep. They keep on lingering around you as they are challenging you that “Come and Fight with Me without a slightest fear of the outcome”. Same ways we have to challenge the corrupt machinery without getting even slightly tensed with the consequences. Yogis long for Spiritual Salvation and you worldly beings should praise Moral Salvation.
To test waters we were challenged by a new hurdle. Another Naka and a new khakhiwala stopped us but with the same ugly intention. For instant I felt that they are paid only to demean the holy shrine. I felt that even if Mataji calls me again to her Darbar, I will think twice before giving her consent. This time again the same dialogues were repeated but the climax was different. He begged (the right word) for some chaai-pani, which we immediately denied with strong resentment in our eyes. Although we were aware of the consequences. He could easily slap a false case on us. He could easily declare us as an Atankwadi and could even encounter us. We hear daily of these fake-encounters in news where civilians become the naïve target. No one even would question him. Or last but not the least he could have detain us for thorough torturous interrogation for simply he is doubtful for us. So, if we don’t want to fight a moral fight which at the moment we may even loose, we can do so by paying a simple and cheap Convenience Tax of Rs.50.But this time we were ready to face any dire-consequences. Come what may we would not auction our freedom. Take us to the prison or abuse us. We can pay with our bodies but not with soul. Waves of Gandhi’s Complete Non-Cooperation moment enthralled our minds. And finally it re-worked. We were successful in throwing all hot curry on his disgusting thoughts which evaporated him. A wave of pride dilated my veins immediately. I have just emerged winner in the Jihad against the malicious practice of Bribery or a Convenience Tax.
I request all my fellow indians to be brave and join this Jihad against this unlawful tax.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

frame of references...

Science and Spiritualism has one major difference.

Former one can be explained in the Present Frame of Reference,

And the Later in the Future's.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

this creation...

The whole creation of GOD is like a black-board and we mark our presence as a Graffiti!

Monday, September 3, 2007

undefined things....

It is just impossible to measure the outcome of a new-research in advance,as it may even lead to some new direction and the researcher has to wait like a pregnant mother who only after nine-months comes to know that the newcomer is a girl or a boy!


Saturday, September 1, 2007