Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why practice Non-Violence? A Logic!

An Omen perceived as Bad by us,may be sowing the seeds of Love for others.So,how will you define him in both the references?Better leave his destiny in the hands of GOD(nature),because only He can visualise the things in totality and make a decision.Remember man,you had just cut a small pie of the entire Universe which is not a totality.There are crores of events that happens every passing moment in this looks so empty Universe.For sure, every event is an outcome of some other event happened in the past or will happen in the future.So,an event happened just now,before you eyes,you never know it is for good or bad.A Tsunami killing thousands,an epidemic creating hell or you have been blessed with a child!Put patience on you hearts and don't take extreme steps of making joy or cursing the other.Simply because you don't know that what had happened is a bane or a boon?Those who views events in Totality are the ultimate Judges.They understand the reason and result of an event.Only they are the perfect and right guys to write a destiny.If you, relatively illiterate human beings, ever try to categorise events as good or bad may possibly end up in mess.Through this I want to send a message to those violence breeders,the violence that comes after you feel humiliated in an ill way,may not be doing justice with right things as they don't know that whether this so-called humiliation is for good or bad.Confused!Lord Rama had killed Ravana.It was a humiliation for Ravana,but in totality was it for bad?So,I hope you agree with me that it is unwise to take law in your hands and possibly committing crime.Nature is there, doing its duty religiously.You just concentrate on you routine task.If you are a doctor,treat patients,if you are an engineer develop technologies or if you are a saint then keep alive an urge to learn sampoorna gyan.Let the pressure cooker cook the curry for you,don't ever try to watch inside it when it is still on the fire.Not to mention,what will happen next!Violence is like a allopathic medicine which may even burn you in painful ulcers rather a Non-Violence dharma is like a Homeopathic Science which believes in a long term healing with no cuts and blood ,ofcourse!
So,man just keep a cool attitude and always love each-other and sadaiv practice Non-Violence!


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