Sunday, September 23, 2007

Non-Violence..the only dharma!Review your faiths..

If we perform an act which in any means is influenced by Violence in the state of even a thin consciousness,for the sake of good or bad cause,it will be accounted as an interference in the smooth working of God of all gods ie Nature and will be dealt with punishment.

In recent times somewhere in the state Bihar people had rugged up a thief taking law into their hands.Some supported this move and some viewed it as a disgusting incident.Although junta had done this out of the need to stop evil powers to rule the society.It is not a fresh story.In Hinduism Lord Rama had done with Ravana,Lord Krishna had done with Kansa and much more.

So,what difference is between these cruel biharis and Lord Rama?Since childhood we are rained with stories of mighty gods who had killed some danava,escalating evil spirits.I feel the same has been embossed on our character,on our innocent subconscious minds,permanently.Jainism and Buddhism adore any kind of violence!Why there is a special berth for violence in the Hindu Express?How can we ignorant beings can decide that what is right or wrong?By committing violence we are just trying to out-throne the greatest GOD ie the GOD of Nature.If someone is really wrong then rather than we getting impatient and committing crime,we should show high level of patience and let GOD (Nature) do his work.

It is nothing wrong if we imbibe some good virtues of other dharma and mend ours as the time advances.Also there is no point in criticising muslims for their so-called violent attitude when we have the same piece of pie in our kitty too!We should try to become a good man,a man full of love who wears,walks and wishes a full Non-Violent life-style.Let me share a story with you which speaks of heights of Non-Violence Nature.

Violence in whatever form be it physical or mental is wrong!Mahavir ji wanted to renounce the world.But this might hurt the feelings of his parents,which could be a non-violent deed.So,he didn't renounced the world till his parents had been renounced from the world.

If you are a believer of any religion then don't believe it as it is.Don't blind your eyes to knee down under the faith that has been taught to you.Eat only a diet which you feel good for you and which you can digest because any foreign element will only impure your body and will create troubles.Vivekananda had changed his dharma once or twice.He had said that convince your minds and souls first before accepting any faith.If someone seeking a good cause ,forces his faith on you is again a violence.Like Aurangjeb! he had forced people to adopt Islam.He was right in his views as he felt that only Islam was the best Religion and wanted others to follow the same.Now how do you justify Aurangjeb?

"Jis Hindu ka khoon na Khaule,Khoon nahi woh pani hai" people were chanting this in 90's,even I did.The hindu leaders had pious cause of building the Ram temple with a tool of violence.Had we not become Aurangjebs of E-era!

In a Nutshell,time has come when we need to review ourselves and our faiths again(are we not trying to digest any foreign element?) and establish a structure with the concrete of Non-Violence following Zero-Tolerance norms.


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