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Saturday, September 15, 2007

आसन EXPOSED :what a mockery?

One day one of my father friends brought an expensive toy to his 3 year old son to play with. The father and the son were both happy .Father has fulfilled the son’s need and the son had got yet another gift from his father. Me and My friend were both on the lunch table and were discussing how the USA had been patenting our arts of YOGA, a natural and spiritual way to live a healthy life. Suddenly there was a big sound. The little chap had broken the recently gifted toy. But luckily the life of the toy was not over yet. It got a second life to be able to entertain the innocent kid. He started dissecting the toy and started playing its own way not what way it was supposed to be played. You may think that whats special in this! It’s too common. But try to think on behalf of the penny saving father and the beheaded toy! They would have never thought that the seed that they had planted will meet the end this way. The akkad-bakkad kid had literally made the mockery same way as the Americans had made of our YOGA.I happened to read an advertisement posted at one website which thrilled me from inside.
First have a look at it, you will yourself know what had alarmed my senses।

Whats this? Being an Indian have you ever heard of such type of shameless shape of Yoga? Did Baba Ramdev, the famous YOG guru never intentionally reveal this part of Yoga. Although I have a little knowledge of this subject, but in my childhood I had browsed some books on YOGA, I don’t remember I had seen such Asanas. I feel that Americans are just making a mockery of our sacred systems. Have they forgotten the moral responsibility that they should rather preserve and respect our belongings which we had offered them for free! Whatever we receive from America that comes with a price Tag. But Yoga we had given them for free! In a nutshell I would conclude that with financial powers they may easily buy patents, illegally but at the same time on moral grounds they have got no right to distort it and made a mockery of India.


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