Monday, September 17, 2007

“An idea can change your life”

“An idea can change your life”


“Choosing Business is like picking sweet melons, so be careful!”

SOME WEEKS BACK I was discussing with one of the upcoming builders about their strategy to get handsome Return on Investment (ROI), then he said and which is quite obvious also that they buy the property where the city ends. At the time investment is low, availability of land is also not a problem and with the city’s growth it will be a definite treasure hunt in the future.
Same way pick a business area where there is no prevailing competition, but be sure with a proper, correct and thorough study that it is going to be the future product of the market.
You need to feel the pulse of the bazaar, of the people who are running it. Let me clarify it with an example, today telecommunication sector in India is growing with its full pace, the business is very profitable and there is a big market ahead too, to be captured but today as an Infant Investor will it make sense for me to invest in this luring sector and earn good profits easily. My answer will be a 100% no. Why?
first it has already become a highly competitive market with many Big B’s already in the game like TATA, RELIANCE ,BHARTI to name a few, already hitting centuries.
Second to overcome them you need to put quite a big investment because today it boasts of millions of subscribers.
Third as the metro cities have already been oversaturated so the next new markets will be the rural India which in itself is a big challenge to cover?
Operating margins have gone quite low, so it makes ur investment even more risky.
And last but not the least lack of brand awareness and experience.
So with all these negatives do you still think to enter in such a mandi.Ya, you have a passion then be bold and look for some takeovers or mergers. Then it is for sure that you are in absolutely no problem buddy but for that you will have to pay some very BIG bucks.
Now you might be in thoughts THEN WHAT ELSE.
Some days back while surfing and my eyes tucked to one very unique product of its nature.”IGLOW”, yes the name of the probable new revolution which can return good profits on your investment.Actually, it is a florescent GEL and is applied on the hairs which make them glow in the night. I feel it is a promising product for Indian Market still to be launched. The target customers would be fashion charmers who love to go to the parties, who wish to look different and unique. This is just a small example to start with.

Still in a dilemma?

I have a solution! Just read on…
Share with me, which Newspaper you read daily! May be Times of India, Hindustan Times or Amar Ujala? Then Which magazine Reader’s Digest or Sarita?
Decided! Have you noticed one thing common in most of them? A weekly column in the name of either “Sex and City”, “Uljhan”,”Ask me” or “Answer by Mr.X, a renowned Sexologist “etc. Here they answer specific queries related to Sex of their readers. And I have seen people who eagerly wait for this weekend special through out the week and sometimes expect that this column should be a bit longer and more stretched. One funny point to observe is that everyone reads in keenly but nobody talks this in public. I don’t know why, may be a social stigma. I appreciate “India TV”, an Indian News Channel for boldly coming out open and discussing in a program named “India Bole” which has become very famous in a very short time. They have Taken the topics like “How to change your Sex”,” What your Partner Wants” etc. that interests the public a lot.
I feel no obscenity here (some may object) as this a way we are imparting Sex Education where our country is far behind than its counterparts. People have wrong myths and they get easily trapped by Road Side Tantriks and Babas who promises to make their sex lives more colorful and energetic. Everyone gets into this trap; he may be a Net Savvy 10 Year old school going kid or a 60 Year old retired man. The kid surfs the porn sites with a intention to know what sex is all about. Please don’t expect him to surf and understand a pure medical site. At the same time the man in 60ies is worried for his fading sex life. So they all find some way to get their query solved. May be this way or that way.
So don’t you feel that it is a big idea for business to start with? Target segment is 10 to 60 year old people. And your product will be Imparting Sex Education through Website.
Is this a bad idea if a site names answers the queries of the users online through chat? Say I am girl aged 16 and I am not getting my periods regularly and I am worried. What all options I am left with:-
To Consult a gynecologist (Hesitation)
To share it with my friend (How updated and correct will be her knowledge, God knows)
Write to the Weekly Columns. ( Will your query be answered ,chances are very thin)
Wait for a TV program like India Bole ( Here one has to be good and patient enough in the art of Redialing)
Break my heads reading and trying to understand big Medical Volumes(Better I become a Doctor)
Others options ( not to be mentioned)
So, what I will do then! Who is there to help me! Technology! Yes, with the help of technology my query can be answered. I wish there would be some website where I could chat with a Medical Professional on my problems. Or a helpline no will do!
Here is the big opportunity waiting for you, so spread your hands. Design a Website supported with a Free Helpline No. where one can consult a Doctor or a Medical Professional on Live Chat for absolutely no cost.
What It will Interest me:-

1. My Privacy
2.24X7 Service
3. Right and Timely Advice
4. If the problem is grave, then whom to Contact.

5. All for Free!

I emphasize again it should be absolutely free. Looks crazy. They Please take time to read the “The Google Story” by David A. Vise. Google offered their services for free when they had started .And Brin and Larry, the founders had to really break nuts till they got their financier.Actually whenever They had tried to explain their concept the some money lender, they were faced by one question that where were they going to earn money by their business model. Why didn’t they tag price to their searches. They resisted as they wanted to increase their hit rate first. They succeeded and now thinking of Internet without Google is a Dream. The googlers have done it, then why not you!
Increasing the Hit Rate for your website should be the main objective. Once the Hit Rate increases you charge a premium, whatever you want from your advertisers. Who stops you then!
Even I feel selling this idea to Google .They will definitely start a new website like or more prudent may be Same like Google Earth.
I further suggest Google to develop a website as
All the free services should be included under it as:

These are the new ventures the Google should look into. Well until they start, sky is for you to be captured.

The website should display following features:-

Online Chat
A) Public Chat
B) Private Chat
Doctors Contact No/Addresses

It has a huge potential for earning. The hosts can attract advertisements from various companies.

1. Hospitals
2. Pharmaceutical Companies
3. Doctors
4. Other related products

This will become an exclusive identified portal for people’s sex problems. Nothing wrong in giving it a try!

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