Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dream good!

I sometimes feel that there exists a possibility that we all live in a state of dream! You know how, when we sleep and dream we feel ourselves there in reality, Is not that? Yes, the time frame of the dream that we see and realise lasts for hardly for some hours. Can't we think and explore a possibility that we live in a dream which lasts a bit longer on a time-frame for the life that we live. Thinking this way has lots of positives!
Well, when we open up our eyes in the morning we forget and ignore the dreams as a whim, so why sud not we take this life as a dream or a whim.
This way I don't suggest you to leave working in your spirits. But such thinking will lead you to a more relaxed and tension free life as everything what we are doing is actually happening in a dream.
My father, my mother, my brother my whole family is a character!
While dreaming we imagine some characters which in real life we don't give any weight.
So, take this real life just as a dream, think that we are just a character of some dream, of course some one's dream!

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