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Friday, July 18, 2008

BJP is not playing the role of a national party!

It is high time when the responsible youths of India should demand to snatch the tag of being a National Party from BJP. A National party may whatever come will not compromise on its national values. The party had seen no good and respectful days under the derogatory leadership of Mr. Rajnath Singh. If the Congress losses trust vote on the coming 22nd then it is more a defeat to the moral responsibilities of the BJP which are due on them as a responsible National Party. Sometimes I feel that along with communist Mr. Singh is so dumb fool that he exactly don't understand the relevance of the Nuclear Deal due to his poor IQ level. Just for the sake of opposition he is performing his duty just like a poor hare.
I would appreciate our Prime Minister for taking a tough and firm stand on the Nuclear deal. He could easily say no to the deal and let the nation live with shame across the world forever and enjoy his power for one more year. Though I never acknowledge the trustworthy ness of regional parties like SP, BSP, DMK or Shiv-Sena. These parties should be banned by the constitution of India as these parties are the birthplace of corruption. They are least bothered about the National Interersts.
Though If we talk of Congress it has also shown its weakness in the preceding four years to name a few like the episodes of Ramdoss and Arjun Singh. These reptiles should be shown an exit door.

Yesterday, someone had forwarded me a mail mentioning that how crores of people had wailed at the death of Mahatma Gandhi. But today will it really pain you if Mr. Singh, either Arjun or Rajnath dies? It is because of the reasons that these guys lacks the virtues of a true national leaders. Trust me India can very well run without these jokers! These doggies are just blockades in the success path of our nation, India.
Though in recent times Mr. Rahul Gandhi has emerged to some extent a true leader.

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