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Saturday, June 7, 2008

munna and jitu...a nirvana match?

Munna a left arm spinner has thrown his ball right and he has successfully spinned-off ,Jitu towards the pavilion, the renowned batsman of the city, Balrampur. The ecstasy which is swinging inside and outside the Munna’s face and the desperate Jitu, who has been recently thrown out is what makes a story-line for me and inspires me to pen-down my thoughts on spirituality in a practical sense from a practical view-point.
While Orkutting, I came across a very generic question that what is Moksha or Nirvana? The sudden thought which clicked my mind and just wanted to share with you through this blog was that it is a state where Zero meets Infinity, where there is no place for space, it is that water which has lost its humidity, it is like that air which has lost its wavy nature or it is like that matter which has lost its density. A state when the living or non-living beings learn to live and keep calm even after loosing their basic virtues. Normally when you feel thirsty you drink water which is a natural virtue of every living being, but in the state of Nirvana you can live and remain calm if you don’t drink the water when you are thirsty or don’t take the food when you feel hungry! The magic and miracle of Nirvana.
Going back to Munna this time he has got his ball right so he is in a high tide and on the other hand Jitu on a lower tide. Vice Versa when Jitu hits a Six on Munna’s ballistic emotions things take a U-turn. Their personal ecstasies are moving like a sine wave with time. The perfect nirvana can be stated as when this wave converts into a straight-line. In other words a condition of no happiness and no desperation as well. The wavy nature is a result of one of our basic instinct which I would like to name as the “Law of Attraction and Distraction”. Every thing in not only in this world but also in the whole universe either attracts or distracts each other in some way every moment. Infact this very hidden force keeps your moods in spirits. There are defined positives and negatives set store points in this web. Munna can stretch his hands and can run out of his mood contemplations. But when someone reaches Nirvana these set store points vanishes and we start viewing the things in an unbiased way. You cover yourself with an ALL-Proof protective cover.
Now the question arises how to achieve this Nirvana? Ask the Umpire!
(Don’t worry I will also discuss this till Munna takes another wicket)


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