Thursday, October 2, 2008

The roaring spiritual lion!

Catch hold of your breath! Just seal close your lips. Let bundle your thoughts to an infinite zero. Make sure your movements are silent. If possible try to chain your heart beat too as it too can vibrate the environment and echo some unwanted decibels.
Rub your footsteps carefully that you have left behind, lest some trail should put you in some difficulty. If you walk avoid any synchronization with your mate as it can give birth to resonance. Your life is in danger!
But why? My life has no potential dangers! I have no enemies. I do practice and own good attributes that a human being should own. So what kind of danger you silly guy is talking about.
Don’t go with the literal meaning just. I meant the essence of your life is in danger. The greatness of humanity over its peers is in danger. As the day passes you are loosing the rights to be called a king in justice of the entire living society. Your insane virginity is being hackneyed by some evil powers.
You mean I would no longer be able to rule the world and I will be raped by someone!
To some extent, Yes!
But how and who the bloody hell is going to dare to even touch me?
Your own spirit my little kid!
But why the spirit has become its own enemy?
It has all right to do whatever with you and you are just powerless before the Excellency of the Holy Spirit. The holy spirits starts acting at the time when you start ignoring the inherent powers of the spirit and begin challenging it altogether. Every moment passed it develops a Horoscope of yours and writes punishments for you which you have to accept willingly of unwillingly.
Oh my God! The God should not have created this spirit. This is like we all are some living Bombs. God has made a blunder.
The so called blunder of God has saved you from the millions of unknown blunders that could have cropped up if there would have no spirit.
Each of you would have become your own GOD. The fight of the supremacies would have ruled out the rule of some single rule which is a must. Though you have now started writing your own rules and the only penalty is that you should be punished bloodlessly.
You have made your own rules and divided the entire humanity based upon color and races. You love to smell the taste of blood. You love to deny the rule of nature. You love to do brutality. You love to criticize your own brothers. You love to manipulate the truth.
You love to judge the things on the scale of violence. You see peacekeepers as a shame to masculinity. You know why all this is happening!
Beware the spiritual lion is nearing you roaring. May be the next minute you may be no more. Think if all you can’t even become a history? The lion is blind. Though his senses are quite strong He can smell your evil nature.
So be prepared before you perish!


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