Saturday, September 27, 2008

In the name of Osama!

27th sep! The year was 2008, 12 years behind, when the India will become the Superpower. I mean the our great nation is targetting to be a SUPERPOWER till then!
Looks a Joke seeing the present scenario?
Serial blasts in the major cities in India rocked the entire nation.
Today I feel that these unsocial elements are doing these cowardly acts not in the name of Allah but in the name of Osama.
Yes Osama! These maniacs do take the terrorism not only as a profession but also as their leisure time activity.They are doing these mean activities for their fun. They love to see the blood.They have misinterpreted the Holy Quran?
And these people can kill me if I say that the Holy Quran is useless if it is motivating them to do such inhuman activities.
Time has come when the entire world who protests against the terrorism should come together and preach the right meaning of the Holy Quran to the world.
I sincerely feel there should be no religion but there should be only one thing that is Science which should govern the world.
I declare at this moment,I may be wrong that at least Science is not inhuman.It is above all the mean ideas that these religions give birth!
Osama has become a thinking which is just maligning the very holiness of the Quran. That must be stopped.

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