Saturday, April 25, 2009

Polygamy! Is it Logical?

I am touching a very sensitive and not to talked about issue today through my Blog.
I am sure you will find it interesting but please don't be shy in spreading the information that I am going to share with you on this forum.
We know that Polygamy is not allowed as per Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and as per Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Act 1939 Muslims can have 4 wives at a time. In Muslim Religion Polygyny is allowed but not the Polyandry (one woman having more than one husband) and Group Marriages (husbands having many wives and those wives having many husbands).
Polygamy is often confused as One Husband having many Wives though its not true; it includes Polygyny,Polyandry and Group Marriages.
One data published at wikipedia surprised me!
Ironically, according to the 1961 census (the last census to record such data), polygamy was actually less prevalent among Indian Muslims (5.7%) than among several other religious groups. Incidence was highest among Adivasis (15.25%) and Buddhists (7.9%); Hindus, by comparison, had an incidence of 5.8%.[55]

So, the religions in which any kind of Polygamy is discouraged are actually not following the virtues taught by their Religion. This is a matter of shame for them.
According to Theravada Buddhism, polygamy is discouraged and extramarital affairs are considered sinful. It is said in the Parabhava Sutta that "a man who is not satisfied with one woman and seeks out other women is on the path to decline".

Though I am an ardent opposer of Polygamy but Muslims do earn a pat on their backs.
Further, I would request the Government of India to ban Polygamy in India.
It has been declared illegal in countries like UK,USA,Turkey, Uzbekistan to name a few. Even in Iran the permission has to be taken from the first wife in writing. So why in India we are bind to follow this orthodox and nonsense practice of the religion.
Especially in a country with a population of over a Billion, is this advisable to continue such practices in the name of a religion.
Forget Population! My Muslim Brothers will accept that Marriage is a right and responsibility of every individual. In the words of prophet:
Prophet said:-“When a man marries he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”This very wording of Prophet marks the importance of marriage, thus it could be well concluded that marriage in Islam is must.

Second it is also very clear that every religion discourages Divorce.

Now going with the current Male to Female Ratio for in India for every 1000 Men there are less than 900 Women. So, theoretically and practically there is not a single girl available for marriage for every individual Man. In this scenario if some religion encourages Polygamy will it not led to opposition by force to the saying of great Prophet?

What I understand Polygamy was put in practice when there Male to Female ratio was biased towards Female side. But biologically the bias has changed it direction over a period of time.
I hope the religions and the governments also understand this and scrap this law immediately.

Though this article may hurt someone's feeling but my pure intention was to discuss a social problem and not to hurt any community. I apologise in anticipation in case it has hurt someone even a bit.



Anonymous said...

Ankur you are certainly right.but see the basic of Hindu and Muslim marriages.

For a Hindu male wife is the most important for processing any kind of yagna or puja(a yagna done in absence of wife or without wife doesn't take the soul to heaven-remember Janaki Idol made of Gold-for Ashwvamegha Yagna-Lord Ram had told he would not have another wife and Janaki was in Jungle).

While for Muslims marriage is for children(although they must be in the condition to keep all wife happy and properly)hence they still have polygamy.We can't hurt the religious sentiments that too being in such a country.

The law would not be able to do anything else it would have done long back.

Although if you think change is needed,change the minds-a very big task :)

Requests and law acts won't help here dude-there are lots of lawyers and judge and people like you or me who would think polygamy shall be banned.

Hope you getting my point.Look into more details to get them if you feel so.I sometimes do wonder about a few of customs which exist but if we could change the few mindsets..there would be nothing like it..mind it a few in law means 0.000001 to 99.I can't go further than 99 average shall not be taken by somebody here,if at all.


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