Monday, February 22, 2010

Why save 1411 Tigers?

Aircel has recently realized a social responsibility of saving the tigers. Around a century back there were some 100000 tigers in India but now as per their data only 1411 have left. Around 60+ tigers died in the year 2009. I had visited many national parks in the past, but I had never come across any tiger just except the talks of spotting the tigers.
It is right we should definitely work towards saving our national animal. I dont understand that why GoI has not initiated this mission,rather some another party Aircel is manging the show. Do they want to become the icon of saving dying tigers in India? I doubt as if the Brand Aircel is not selling why not sell the tigers?
Tigers are on the verge of dying buy why do we require them? A simple question. What have changed ecologically when they were exceeding 1 lacs nos to down 1411? Who is exactly at the end of food cycle? There are speculations that food cycle will be affected if there would be no tigers. DO you accept this scientifically? Do just 1411 tigers are behind the sustainence of lives of 120 crore Indians? Infact today Human beings are at the end of food cycle and we should save the human beings rather. The Human Beings should be healthy and well nourished. Its an advanced stage of civilization and I dont think it is justified to place the tigers at the end of the food cycle. Let them enjoy in the Zoos an attraction for the tourists and for locals to earn money out of them.

The time and effort that we invest on saving the tigers must be put on saving the human beings from getting affected from deadly diseases like HIV, Cancer etc.

Why dont we promote the fact 100 people got affected today from HIV?

I think rather than saving the dying tigers we should save the human beings first. Make it a strong breed that it must be able to sustain the attach of local and foreign bodies. It may be extraterrestrial also!

It seems the cause of saving tigers sells more than saving a human being's life? The corporate mantra of Aircel is really effective.


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