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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Global Warming from Inside??

The topic of Global Warming is also warming in the political arenas now, thanks GOD. This year’s Noble Prize was awarded to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Control).
The effects of Global warming are quite drastic such as:-
Melting of Ice Caps resulting in increase of Sea Level
Increase in the temperature of the earth.
Massive wash-out of Bio-Species.
Massive erosion of Land/Soil
Good Ground for various infectious bacteria to breed.
Effect on the Rotation of Earth

The sixth one is one of the major after effects of the Global Warming. But why the rotation will be affected? Let me give you a brief explanation about it!
Our earth is eccentric in Nature and there is a gravity centre that exists within the earth. Different parts of the earth have different density. It is the centre of gravity which revolves around the sun. The ice –caps if melted and this mass moves towards the sea then the distribution of different masses i.e. of ice and water changes resulting in the shift of centre of gravity. It has been estimated that the days will be longer in the future than it is now.
I have one more reason that if verified would also add one more point to this worsening picture.

As estimated, as you go deeper the denser the material one will find like iron or nickel.
The viscosity also varies with the levels. We know if we move two different materials ie of different viscosities the material with higher viscosity will try to drag the material with lower viscosity, in other terms this is called Friction. So, a force of friction works inside the earth between various levels of crusts or mantles. It also affects the rotation of earth. As there will a frictional force that will try to regulate the moment of different levels of crusts. Due to global warming the temperature of the atmosphere will rise. These additional heats will we passed on to inner core through various levels of crusts and mantles. Due to rise in the inner temperature this will change the viscosities and so the frictional forces inside. A change in frictional force that affects the rotation of the earth will definitely work here well. Although I assume the effect will be negligible but still an effect is an effect and secondly if it is of the multiplying nature then it will create major havoc inside affecting our life at the surface.
So Guys get ready as Global Warming has much more in store!

(The idea is a genuine one and is developed by me, please contribute!)

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"Spundan":- (Capt.S.Bana) said...

I think your idea has some merit in it. I agree with you.