Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Deadly 101th Law of Nature

Destiny of a GOD

It is a widely confronted and highly nerve breaking topic of discussion that are we nearing our death? Will the human beings become the things of the past like dinosaurs? Or will we be able to win the battle of death, whenever the scene arrives in this colorful play of life! Many feel that we would be having a great scientific edge then, far sharper than what we have today which will make us invincible for anyone! Or some day we all will become immortal! There is a strong prediction by NASA that after 36 years from now a BIG Meteorite will hit our beloved planet earth .The impact will be equivalent to hundreds of Nuclear Bombs as all have blasted at the same time. Half the population will be killed and rest half will build a new foundation for a new society! The climate will be changed and the Man will have to develop ways to be able to sustain the blow of the nature. Now two possibilities arise here.
A Fresh Start:
Our all scientific brains will be dead. Our all knowledge of Nature will be washed out and the remaining people will have to bow down to the power of nature and now will have to start afresh same as long time back one Adam and Eve would had started. This will be a new nature, a new climate and the new flow of river. All together all the laws of science be it a Newton’s law or whatever will stand to be false. Things will tend to go up rather than going down! If we burn the coal we may feel colder or may be some different feeling wrap us!
Sky Roared and it rained, it was what Adam and Eve had experienced at the time of evolution, same way we may experience that the sky on which we are standing smells and it showers high intensity lights which make us feel confused! Then we will have to start from the scratch to understand these new principles of nature.
Advancement of the earlier:
This possibility can also be not ruled out. After this flush off operation we may get to know, may be by chance (many of the discoveries and inventions till date have taken place only by chance) a new law of nature. And with this we become automatically more advanced. All of a sudden we become more familiar with the nature. We would have more control over the nature and we may possibly avert the re-occurrence of a deadly incident of such kind. Or it will not remain a deadly incident anymore. Our understanding of nature will be more advanced. This will be like a breakthrough. It is true that everyday we study and learn something new about the nature but this occurrence will act as a catalyst.

I am supportive of the later one as of now.

Will this the way we move forward or at some point of time a final verdict of our end is written? I trust and have full faith that one day we all will be the things of the past. Our significance will be no more! But when will that time arrive? Can we ever estimate that time frame or is the Final death written after 100 years, 200 years or when? Yes it can be estimated! It is simple mathematics but there is one parameter that we need to figure out first! Quite obvious it is not an easy task too but be sure while nearing end we will get the indication that we are playing the slog overs! I have a theory on this. I call it “The 101 Laws of Life”.101th Law is Fixed and one can predict it even today. But Before that we should understand what these 100 laws are?
The Nature is like a quiz session and we all are the participants. As the quiz advances it gets tougher and tougher. Same way understanding the nature is like answering the questions in the quiz. Earlier people used to worship the natural powers like clouds, Sun etc.Whenever there was a thunder in the sky they got frightened and had to worship to save their lives from them. Ignorance is the key cause of fear and then only option remains to be its slave until you understand that fully. The day you understand it completely you will no more take it as a danger as now, with the occurrence of that incident you are well equipped to fight with! Why we worship GOD? Most of us pray GOD to save us from some untimely misfortune, as we have no full control over our fortunes. So for ignorance we are praying the price as worshipping the GOD, and I feel that its no wrong or unscientific, as prayers with faith have a successful impact on our lives. So GOD is just the creation of ignorance. It is just like your shadow. It always follows you. If you exist, shadow exists and if you no more exist then there is no shadow too. But think if some day you reach a place illuminated with high intensity lights coming from all the possible directions then you can possibly get rid of your shadow. And that’s the day of enlightenment. You know and understand each and every law of nature so then you need not require to get terrorized with any happening of nature, as you can fight it well and can save yourself. You will no more worship anything like GOD anymore because in true means you will become a virtual GOD for yourself. But there is one law still remains that follows after this!
According to my belief there are 101 laws of nature. As of now we hardly know 50 % of them. There are so many queries in the nature which are still unsolved. We still have not understood the nature completely, that’s why we worship some unseen power whom we say GOD. But we are gradually developing our understanding. There is a certain rate with which we are progressing towards our higher intellects. And the day we are able to know all the hundred laws of nature then we will have no fear from any one. We will be the GOD. But then, there still remains a 101th law, which is the Law of Death, which is the Law of End. It is the law of self demolition. It is quite obvious that one who has full control over his fortune then life will become devoid of hopes! A hope is like fuel for a car. No hopes, no more running, thus no Life. That will be the final end! So keep running and understanding the nature till you finds the 100th law and becomes GOD because next a deadly 101th law is waiting for you!

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