Thursday, November 27, 2008

Towards a Divide....

Terror strikes in India do come as an untimely rain every now and then. The entire country is put on high alert post these attacks. The ministers do their jobs by passing a sadistic note to the media with an assurance that they will not allow the anti-social elements to terrorise our nation in any way further. The people sitting in the opposition do a spot survey added by counter attack on the failure of National Security Agency and off course target the ruling government. We too forget these pathetic incidents after a little while as we have become maniacs to these shocking events. Now what to do, should we wait for one another terror strike or do something really useful for the nation?
Today everyone is well aware of the fact that the backbone of our political system has become so corrupt that it can't afford the weight of the security of the Great Hindustan. Sometimes I got frightened by thinking of a possibility that our nation is heading towards a great divide. We all have become so self centered and lost the true feeling of being an Indian. We have just cornered our feelings to the Air-conditioned 70 mm screens of the multiplexes where we enjoy watching bollywood films like Rang de Basanti to recently colored Naya Daur. Have popcorn and Pepsi and enjoy for the 200 bucks that we have paid; with a feeling of directed Nationhood which flows in our blood temporarily which lasts for 3 hours at most.
It is very sad to explain in words that the current Indian westernised breed has no strength of its own! We lack good leaders and a vision.
I condemn the recently happened serial of unwanted events that rocked the economic city of India, Mumbai. I have no regrets to say that it is not only the politicians but also the aam-aadmi is responsible for these attacks. I can't spare the Navy also that how they didn't notice the said entry of the terrorists in India through Indian Ocean. Were they sleeping that time? For what they are paid? The so called Indian sleeping tigers are not at all comparable in competency with respect to the active Pakistani Pigs. Why our defence minister has dared to take his job for granted? Should we remind him that that there are much more things to do other than just playing cards for his party? I herewith blame the media also for broadcasting the filtered and money churner news only.
The recently much hyped probe of Malegaon has overshadowed the Batla House Encounter and other incidents. Why? It clearly hints towards a dirty political influence.
To cut the long story short I will simply say that with this kind of system and this kind of inhabitants including me we are heading towards a big instability and a divide for which we all will be responsible.

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Meenu khare said...

Just look at ths video. It reflects the immpact of much hyped Malegaon incident!!!!