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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have we learnt any Lesson?

We have still not learnt any lesson! Probably we have been still acting to insulate ourselves from the possible threats arising due to the recent terror strikes in the economic city of the country,Mumbai.
Being a Sunday,Today I chanced upon to visit the places where terrorists have hoisted the flag of Jihad, be it Taj Mahal Hotel, Leopold cafe or the VT station to name a few. I found that the things were as usual as before. The police was seemingly idle and least worried about to check the passers by. We were three guys hav
ing three bags each. I was carrying a bag full of 10 books. We entered the VT station hoping that our bags would be checked as a part of high-alert surveillance but none cared to even throw a view. Though I have found that Malls have been really reactive and sensitive. All the visitors are checked thoroughly even my wallet was checked. That's a good thing. But I think about a situation if someone enters a Malls with a Automatic Machine Gun in hand and spilling deadly bullets all over then will these poor G-4 security chaps who are unarmed would be able to stop them? 
At the VT station though they are armed but they are not very possessive about the security of the venue.
The good thing which I discovered over my day long journey that people are quite worried and behaving sensitively. The destinations of massacre have been quite become an icon of historical monuments as I saw the people including me staring the cordoned off Hotel Taj, gossiping with each other.
We could easily locate the marks of bullets at Leopold cafe where I astonishingly saw the youths enjoying the unconsciousness of Beer. The cafe was jam-packed. Though there was a seemingly tension which was prevailed all over. The foot-path vendors were not very aggressive to sell their cheap products as they usually were during my last visits.
In a nutshell I feel its the insensitivity of the government in vision as well in action to avoid such embarrassing situation in the future.

End of the day I am worried and my face carries a sadistic look.


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