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Monday, May 18, 2009

The dawn of Prabhakaran!

Prabhakaran is Dead! Now there would be no more violence in the country of Budda followers Sri Lanka. President of The country and probably the Gandhi parivar of India would have taken a big sigh of relief. The day Rajiv Gandhi was killed brutally by Prabhakaran's WOMEN India could not never forgive this devil hero of so called some Tamils. It had put a indelible mark on the sanity of Indian Politics. Our Politics can be so bad but it was without any blood war until then; touch wood. Then who has given the right to play to him with the person;holding the topmost post of India. Well he ought to be limited to his territory.
This so called Tiger has died a shameful death. Reportedly he didn't died while fighting as ChandraShekar but as a rat, as a poor dog. How afraid and weak he was from within who presided the LTTE for 30 years?
I do understand that any kind of humility on Tamils in Srilanka is wrong. No human being has got the right to suppress another human being based on the caste, religion,color or country.
But the way Prabhakaran has adopted can be accepted. It should be non violent. The people who protest through violent means are most coward as they are afraid and weal from within.They don't have the power of patience and truth. Any kind of violence for any cause is prohibited in Human Religion. It is the nature of wild animals of the jungle who resort to such activities for fulfilling their demands. Be it LeT or LTTE. They are coward and impotent as far as humanity is concerned.
Violence never provides any solution in the long term. Its only provides a temporary measure.
It shows the fading shine of the person involved in violence.
Prabhakaran was on among them. At last he proved to be not a Tiger but a rat who died of the Bullet while running away. The man who took suicide bombers lives for granted could not gather courage to take him himself to the door of hell.
I am not happy that Prabhakaran as a human being is dead but as a violent being(not a human being) it gives me great pleasure that no more violence will evolve in the future.
Its an lesson to the extremist violent groups that their end may not be well.

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