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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who is the Culprit?

World over the economy is facing the pain of Deep Wound made by the ailing economy.In this era of Globalisation succeeded by Glocalisation every country is suffering from an H1N1 syndrome which is highly epidemic. India is also not untouched!
I remember the quote which I had learnt in my school days that once India was nicknames as "Sone ki Chidiya". A bird made of Gold. A rich country with a equivalent rich culture indeed.
A beautiful past!
But where we stand today? We have been ruled by foreigners for over 1000 years. We lost a lot!
Not only the money but also the prestige. Interestingly I had read in a Newspapers long back that Indians do have the sharpest brain the world, quoted by French Education Minister.
More than 60 pathetic years have passed since we have got the freedom. But where we stand today despite the rich culture and a big pool of most intelligent breed in the world?
We are loosing jobs, Obama is respected more than our own Prime Minister. Bills passed in US are of more importance then the bills passed in our so called sabji-mandi, Parliament.
We thrive for H1 Visa. We have second highest population in India.
Even recently I have heard that the much talked about Swine Flu today have a cure in India. WHO has contacted and relied on an Indian company to invent a vaccine to counter attack the deadly virus.
Though Indian Origin brains are running the biggest economy of the world. Mr. Obama relies upon the people of India to make policy decisions.
Even big-shot Warren Buffet when talks about an Indian being the most intelligent brain working with him gives our morale a big boost.
I feel among all the habitats it is the brain which makes Human a superior breed which we have got by Birth, but sad fully to mention that more than 40% of the population of India is reeling under the Below Poverty Line whose annual income is hardly 10000 INR a year in a country where per capita Income is 24000 INR a year which is much less than Pakistan's per capita Income?
Off the track I gives me great pain to accept a fact that India do have the highest Polygamy rate of 5.6%. What culture we are proud of?
Time has come when we need to seriously think about changing the culture and economic policies.
In India the base of the pyramid is too big. Roughly over 60% of the population is dependent on Agriculture though day on day representation of Agriculture in GDP has come down to a mere 17% today. What a mockery?
Further you will be surprised to know that Agri Processed Food Account for more than 33% of the total GDP to which nil share is imparted to the toiling Farmer in the land. Why?
From over 50% in 1950 to 17% in 2009, where we are heading.
Why are we allowing the riches consisting of Indians and foreigners to eat up the over 33% of the GDP? For every 100 INR spent by a FI in India takes back 300 INR.
Are we sleeping or waiting for worse to come?
Being an Agriculture Rich country we have the opportunity and the command to rule the world.
For this we need to first enrich the farmer so that he can buy new technologies and harvest even more. We should never forget that farmers are the back bone of our country and they should be given a proper respect.
Can you recall how many farmers have been awarded with a Padamshree or Padambhushan Award?
Probably None.
The country is of Farmers,for Farmers and by Farmers.
Recently I happened to go to one place in Uttarakhand, a small village named Agrakhal near Rishikesh. Land Produces tons of ORGANIC Ginger. As a buyer I can buy Ginger from a farmer for just paying Rs.22 a Kg, though the market rate in Mumbai is Rs.140 a Kg.If it is processed in any form then you will get it for Rs.1000 a Kg. So what a big gap from a meagre 22 to 1000?
Who is earning out of the total game. definitely it is not the farmer who is producing it but the middle man who is getting richer and richer day on day on the ever increasing poverty of poor farmer?
Just declaring a relief package of Rs.60000 cr will not suffice. Its a temporary move. How we can ever dare to oblige a farmer who is giving us something without which we can survive?
At the end with the facts and figures I am leaving a question "Who is the real culprit for all this menace?"

Jai Hind..


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